Miscellaneous – Justice | Marseille: a man found dead after a new fire in a squat on avenue Salengro

Five days following the impressive fire that destroyed a squatted building on avenue Roger-Salengro (15th) in Marseillethe marine-firefighters were once more called to intervene on a building fire on this same avenue, last night.

The alert was given around 8:30 p.m. Smoke was coming from the ground floor of a two-storey building, also squatted, located at the intersection of boulevard de Briançon (3rd).

Quickly, three people, inconvenienced by the fumes, were able to be located and brought to safety while the flames were fought by around thirty firefighters. But reconnaissance and extinction work were made difficult by large quantities of rubbish accumulated on the ground floor.

During the night, during a new reconnaissance, the body of a man in his thirties was discovered in the rubble. An investigation is open to determine the circumstances of his death as well as the origin of the fire.

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