Miss, Andre-Sule-Nunung Want to Invite Azis at Santuy Malam

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Comedian and host Andre Taulany admitted that he and Sule also Nunung wanted to invite Azis Stuttering to attend their new program, Good Night.

Andre, Sule, also Nunung returned to the screen through the Santuy Malam program that aired on Trans TV starting Monday (6/29) at 19:00 WIB. In the event, they will present many guest stars, including Azis Stuttering.

“There will be guest stars as well and we will also invite Azis. We miss Azis. I miss playing with Azis again,” Andre said without further mentioning when they would present Azis Stuttering at Santuy Malam.

Andre, Sule, Nunung, and Azis have been known to be able to entertain Indonesian television viewers ever since appearing at the Opera Van Java comedy sketch show on Trans 7.

But Azis Stuttering chose a break from the world of entertainment. The 46-year comedian is said to be focusing on building boarding schools in the Leuwisadeng area, Bogor, West Java.

“It’s up to (Azis Stuttering),” said Andre. “We can’t force it,” Andre Taulany said.

Andre acknowledged the Night Live event would be different from their experience of hosting a talk show. At Night Night, they will still drive but in a relaxed style.

“This is very light because of the sketch, but there is a talk show. This is a combination, there is also entertainment, all kinds of jumble are here,” Andre said when met in the Trans TV area, recently.

Even though all sorts of things exist, including guest stars, Andre stressed that the Santuy Malam event will have a character played by himself, Sule, as well as Nunung.

“We have character. I am the boss of the cafe, Nunung is his assistant. Sule is actually unemployed but likes to help and can even be a security too,” said the former vocalist of the old band Stinky.

“These are many characters. See the surprises in Santuy Malam,” he continued.

“In Santuy there will also be a RW,” said Sule.

Santuy Malam will take the background like a minimarket which is a hangout in a housing complex, and promised to display various comedy sketches.

The event is also said to be presenting guides from various walks of life, ranging from celebrities, social media celebrities, or figures who are being viral in each episode. Plus, millions of rupiah quiz.

“Tonight’s Santuy Program will be a breath of fresh air to re-present a quality comedy program in the community,” said Christine Sihombing as Head of the Trans TV Production Department.

“Hopefully, this program can cure the longing for the trio of top comedians,” he continued.

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