Miss Tahiti 2022: portrait of Herenui Tuheiava

Herenui Tuheiava was elected Miss Tahiti 2022. At 23, this young Polynesian of 1m77 continues her studies and wishes to obtain her Master’s degree in web marketing. For the past few months, she has been working at Tahiti Tourisme. Herenui helps service providers who wish to register on their site. Portrait.

It was her dream and she realized it… Just a week and three days ago, Herenui Tuheiava was voted the most beautiful woman in Tahiti by winning the crown of Miss Tahiti 2022. A strong moment in emotion that she will certainly remember all her life. PSeveral days later, the young beauty queen is still struggling to get used to it…

Çit’s been a little over a week since I was elected Miss Tahiti and it’s true that again and again I can’t really realize. In fact, it’s when I go to meet Polynesians that I tell myself that’s it, that’s the case because they ask for photos, they congratulate me, they’re proud of me.“, confides the young woman.

The dream continues… The human and professional adventure continues with, in particular, a sphoto hooting for the partners’ autographed calendar. “The artistic world generally appealed to me from an early age because I had the opportunity to do fashion shows, photo shoots so I was already a little initiated into all that. The most complicated were the interviews, I wasn’t necessarily used to it. It was the big challenge during the Miss Tahiti adventure“.

What convinced me to chaperone her was her benevolence, her simplicity and her desire. From our first meeting, she told me I want to do Miss Tahiti.

Far from the spotlight, rhinestones and glitter, it is among the tourism specialists that Herenui feels best. The atmosphere is rather studious. “We recently launched our new website which highlights tourism players. Me, my role is to contact the boarding houses or the activities of the tourist service providers to update the information on our website.“, explains Herenui, appreciated by her work colleagues.

Herenui is quite responsive, always available, that’s what we really appreciate about her“, entrusts Alice Izal, rHead of Communications at Tahiti Tourisme. Qualities that immediately pleased his chaperone. “What convinced me to chaperone her was her benevolence, her simplicity and her desire. From our first meeting, she told me I want to do Miss Tahiti“, remember Lovaina Chapman, chaperone of Herenui Tuheiava. “They are obviously taken care of by the committee but we have created a kind of bond between her and me, a certain friendship so I am always there to accompany her when she needs, to help her with little things.“.

Little things that can increase her self-confidence and her motivation… And with it, the realization of all dreams. “For the Miss Tahiti adventure, I gave myself 100%. For Miss France at 1000%. I say it and say it again because I really want to wear the colors of our fenua in France“.


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