Missing since 2019, a French actor would have thrown himself under a train – teller report

This Friday, November 13, the Reims prosecutor’s office in France ruled on the disappearance of the French actor Grandpa Apali. He had stood out in his role in the “West Indian Gang” from Jean-Claude Barny in 2016. Indeed, for several months, the police had launched searches on him “For disturbing disappearance”. But the actor would probably have died according to the cross-checks that have been made.

Death on July 13, 2020

The suicide thesis would be the most possible according to the information made public by the Reims prosecutor’s office. The body would have been formally identified. His disappearance was reported to the Reims police station on July 13, 2020. But he had not really given any news since December 2019 according to his mother. All the measures taken to hear from the actor would have been in vain.

But the officers in charge of the investigation finally tried to cross-reference the data with a death reported on July 12, 2019. They cross-checked with “A case of violent death which took place at Bezannes (Marne) station on July 12, 2019, where a person had obviously thrown under a train and had not been able to be identified since then. “.

“An odontological expertise…”

“An odontological expertise was performed a few days ago which, after comparison between the dental file of Djedje Apali and the dental findings made on the corpse in July 2019, formally allowed the expert to indicate that the body found was well that of Mr. Djedje Apali ”, explained the Reims prosecutor’s office.

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