Missouri pool party brings together hundreds of people in the midst of a pandemic

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In the midst of a pandemic, hundreds of people participated in a party in the pool of a Missouri bar and restaurant, by the lake of the Ozarks.

A video of hundreds of people in swimsuits and neck-to-neck, drinking cocktails under the sun in a swimming pool in Missouri in the United States, has been seen more than 16 million times since Saturday, fueling fears of a precipitous release while the Covid-19 still threatens.

The scene took place on Saturday in a bar-restaurant with a shallow pool by the lake of the Ozarks, a large reservoir created in the Ozarks mountains in the center of the country.

“Don’t worry Covid at Lake of the Ozarks,” tweeted Scott Pasmore, a television reporter, filming the hustle and bustle from a bar terrace, hundreds of people, goblets in hand, in the water until size.

Among the least affected American states

The state of Missouri lifted some of the restrictions on gatherings and bars and restaurants on May 4, but the mandatory physical distance guidelines were clearly not being followed.

Missouri is among the US states least affected by the new coronavirus, with 12,000 cases and 681 deaths, according to state figures. Miller County, where the bar is located, has only recorded four cases.

But concern is keen in the United States, where deconfinement has started in the 50 states but where the virus remains active in several regions. More than 30,000 people have died of Covid-19 since May 1 in the country, and more than 600,000 infections have been detected. A total of 100,000 deaths are expected in the coming days.

The long weekend that ends Monday, Memorial Day, traditionally marks the start of summer in the United States. Thousands of Americans have visited the beaches, often respecting physical distance, with or without masks.

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