mistakes you should not make during winter

Many of us think that skin care requires special care in the summer and, during winter, we focus only on correct hydration of the skin. However, this time of year you need to be careful against UV damage and the passage of time.

Therefore, the Clinical Dermatologist Susy Joy Way Bueno reviews with Vogue Mexico the 6 main mistakes what do we do with our skin and that you can compensate with the tskincare trends in 2021 as non-contact treatments, the baby botox, the definitive interest in the upper third of the face, among others.

Cleaning our face excessively

The cleaners during winter They should not weaken our skin barrier. Mistakes such as using very hot water when washing, constantly exfoliating it, and using alcohol-based cleansers to deep clean can damage it and make it more prone to eczema, contact dermatitis, and bacterial and viral infections. Use preferably moisturizing cream cleansers, syndets or cleansers in oil to keep the lipids that make up our skin.

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In winter use moisturizing cream cleaners, syndets or oil cleaners.

Use of alcohol-based tonics

As part of the care of your skin in the winter there is the search for tonics suitable as thermal water, spays cucumber and rose facials. These tone without dehydrating and irritating the skin, always focused on

Use a heavier moisturizer

The need for hydration during the winter it is not compensated by increasing the density of our moisturizer. We can even use fluid serums or lotions. The important thing is to use ingredients that retain water such as hyaluronic acid, urea and ceramides.

Stop using antioxidants

While the antioxidants enhance the protection against ultraviolet rays, it is not necessary to suspend them in the winter. They are not ingredients from which we have to rest at any time of the year. On the contrary, we must use them to recover the damage caused by the sun during the summer. Vitamins such as vitamin A and C help us fight the free radicals that cause skin aging and vitamin E, apart from its antioxidant properties, is perfect to enhance the hydration.

Stop using sunscreen

The ultraviolet rays they are present every day of the year. Even if the day seems very cloudy, the radiation is capable of penetrating both the clouds. Even most of the sun’s rays that cause stains and aging can pass through our windows. Devices that we use every day such as the screens of televisions, computers and cell phones also emit lights which can make it worse the appearance of our skin. That is why sunscreen must be an obligatory step in all skincare routine Everyday of the year.

Dry skin increases in winter, it is essential to use moisturizing creams or milk after showering.

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Dry skin increases in winter, it is essential to use moisturizing creams or milk after showering.

Not paying attention to our lips

Our lips they also deserve protection during the winter. As well as the face, dryness, irritation and flaking can increase during these months, as well as the superinfection of the cracks that the dry may cause. That is why it is essential protect lips with cocoa butter or specific moisturizing balms every time they dry out and avoid removing the skins.

Finally, remember that the skin of our body also matters, do not forget that during the winter the showers must be with gentle cleansers (syndets), short showers (5 to 10 minutes) and not very hot water to avoid worsening the dryness. As well as never forget to use creams or moisturizing body milk after showering.

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