MLB” defense rate starts with 1! The 39-year-old Ceyan Verlander won the 8th win alone in the league’s winning pitch – Free Sports

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]The Astros defeated the Marlins 9-4 today, ending their 3-game losing streak. The 39-year-old ace Justin Verlander won his 8th win of the season and was the league’s winningest player.

Verlander was in charge today. He only had 2 hits in the first 6 innings without dropping any points. He continued to shoot 7 times. It was also affected. After throwing a walk, Bryan De La Cruz knocked out a 3-point gun, and lost 4 points in a single game.

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Weiland. (Associated Press)

Verlander left the field after 7 innings today, used 93 balls, was knocked 3 hits, including 1 home, and missed 4 points. He also had 5 strikeouts and 1 walk. Ranked the league’s best in winning pitches, and ranked fifth in the league with a 1.94 ERA.

Marlins big right-hander Edward Cabrera was knocked out in 3.2 innings today. He was knocked out 7 hits, including a hit, and missed 5 points. He suffered his first defeat of the season with a ERA of 3.45.

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