Sport MLB has reportedly launched the MLB The Show League...

MLB has reportedly launched the MLB The Show League with players from all 30 teams


In the time of the corona virus, MLB adapts. Not by playing in a remote location in Arizona, but by bringing a virtual baseball competition to the masses.

According to Joon Lee from ESPN, MLB will launch a competitive MLB The Show league, in which players from all 30 MLB teams will appear in collaboration with the MLB Players Association and Sony Interactive Entertainment. As of Friday, the league begins a regular season with 29 games that lasts until April 28. The postseason starts on April 30 and includes the eight best teams competing in three series with three games. The World Series, a best-of-five series, takes place on May 2nd.

The games themselves last three to five innings and take place every one to two days. To keep things fair, the game settings of all players are the same.

About ESPN:

Game settings for the games are consistent, with certain bats disabled, veteran hit difficulty, and pitching difficulty all-star. The biggest difference to real life? The referee’s accuracy is set to perfect, no missed calls.

This also has a beneficial aspect. MLB, Sony and the MLBPA donate $ 5,000 to each of the 30 players. The money goes to a partner of the Boys and Girls Club in the community of their team. The player who wins the World Series will receive an additional donation of $ 25,000 on his behalf.

According to the ESPN, players are expected to stream the games to their personal Twitch accounts or their team’s Twitch account. They take place every evening at 9:00 p.m. ET, with special prime time streams taking place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In these special streams, MLB Network broadcaster Robert Flores will comment on the games and on the most important interactions between players and fans. There are currently no plans to show games on television. However, there are reports that discussions are ongoing with MLB’s broadcast partners.

The first game begins on Friday at 9:00 p.m. CET and Blake Snell of the Tampa Bay Rays takes on Amir Garrett of the Cincinnati Reds. Other notable players include Juan Soto, Washington Nationals outfielder, Josh Hader from Milwaukee Brewers, Bo Bichette from Toronto Blue Jays, Fernando Tatis Jr. from San Diego Padres, Lucas Giolito from Chicago White Sox and Gavin Lux from Los Angeles Dodgers.

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