MLB/Maz did not return to New York to re-elect the Cardinals Metropolis boss angrily criticizes the agent for being unprofessional

Steven Matz, who has a strong free market, confirmed yesterday that he signed a four-year $44 million contract with the Cardinals. Together with the incentive bonus, the total contract value reached $48 million. The metropolises that failed to snatch people were dissatisfied with this, and boss Steve Cohen even criticized Maz’s agent Rob Martin on Twitter for unprofessional behavior.

Cohen revealed to the New York Post that Metz and his agent Martin had previously contacted the Mets, hoping to return to the team, and stated that the Mets are Steven Matz’s first choice because he is in There are still “unfinished ambitions,” but the end result is that Maz chose to go to the Cardinals, and the Metropolis didn’t even have the opportunity to make an offer.

Cohen was dissatisfied and mentioned on Twitter, “I was very unhappy this morning. I have never seen a player agent show such unprofessional behavior. I think words and promises are not important to him.”

I’m not happy this morning . I’ve never seen such unprofessional behavior exhibited by a player’s agent.I guess words and promises don’t matter.— Steven Cohen (@StevenACohen2) November 24, 2021

Agent Martin also responded to the incident later, “Very helpless, Cohen chose to express his dissatisfaction on Twitter. But I will not do the same thing, but uprightly adopt a method that suits the personality of me and the client.” And mentioned Until Maz has always been a fan of the Mets, he also likes to stay there, but in the end decided to make the best choice for him and his family.

Rob Martin, the agent for Steven Matz, responds to Steve Cohen’s tweet:— Mark Feinsand (@Feinsand) November 24, 2021

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