MLB/Otani swallow 3K has a rare emotional dissatisfaction with the referee strike zone

The Angels lost to the Rangers 4-7 yesterday. The starting pitcher “Thor” Sindjard only pitched 0.2 innings to “nuclear” and exited the field, making it the worst battle of his career. The Mets just got a no-hitter in the relay. Pure”, and was immediately caught by the Mets fans to counterattack.

Shohei Otani interrupted two consecutive home runs, hit 1 double in 4 at-bats, swallowed 3 strikeouts, and fired a rage. When the number of balls was full in 3 innings, the 6th ball went in from the upper edge of the outer corner of the strike zone. At base, he didn’t hit the bat and turned around to go to first base, but the presiding judge made a strikeout gesture.

The Angels scored 3 points in one inning, and Sindjard screwed up in the next inning, and was knocked out with 6 points. “Forget this battle as soon as possible, but also learn from this failure to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Cinder Judd only recently left a message when Angels rookie Demes pitched a no-hitter, “This is the right port”. He was suspected of insinuating that the Mets’ relay no-hitter game was impure. This time, he was blown up. SNY TV took advantage of the situation to “share” his results in the game, attracting fans to be sour: “Is this Zhenggang’s major league pitching data?”

In addition, Li Haoyu, a 19-year-old teenager in the United States who played for the Phillies 1A, was selected as the best player of the week in the Florida League for his crazy performance of 40% 55%, 4 hits, and 13 RBIs in a single week.

Sports Illustrated’s website also gave a thumbs up to his performance, “Li Haoyu has made a name for himself. This 19-year-old from Taiwan has excellent hitting skills. Recently, he has begun to show his strength and hit crazy statistics. He played in the first 24 games. Only 1 hit, but 4 hits in the last 4 games.”

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