MLB Power Rankings: Best Teams in Major League Baseball

The most recent season of Major League Baseball was just recently concluded and we’ve witnessed the Dodgers finally get over the hump with their loaded squad which leads us to inevitably ask if they have what it takes to run it back. Indeed, the previous season was a rollercoaster ride, especially due to the effects of the pandemic, but that didn’t hold us back from seeing the best teams grind it out on the diamond against each other.

The MLB has provided us with some fierce competition last season, and it’s natural for us to expect more of the same next season. The only question is what the outcome will be. Will someone take the Dodgers’ throne, or will Los Angeles once again establish its dominance over the league?

Of course, the most that we could do for now is speculate. Coming into the 2020-2021 season, here are the best teams in Major League Baseball.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers

Who else but the reigning champions? The Los Angeles Dodgers have been dominant throughout the entire past decade, and this year was the year they finally won it all. Needless to say, signing Mookie Betts wasn’t a bad idea, and the team is likely to make another deep run next season.

Most of the core of the championship team is set to return, and with the team’s stellar organization and the continuous development of its players, the Los Angeles Dodgers seem to show no signs of slowing down. We could have just witnessed the first of many World Series titles that Los Angeles will win this decade.

  1. Chicago White Sox

The White Sox seem primed for the future and it’s not unlikely that their core led by American League MVP Jose Abreu and up-and-comer Luis Robert continue to improve, along with the team’s deep rotation. The solid core of Chicago’s team boasts of a number of young players that are in long-term deals, and it seems as if the organization is fully invested in the squad.

Chicago also has a bevy of assets at its disposal that it can use to further strengthen its already formidable lineup. As of now, the White Sox pose the most threat to the Dodgers, and we can only surmise as to what will unfold next season.

3.Tampa Bay Rays

After this year’s heartbreaking loss at the World Series, the Tampa Bay Rays are definitely back with a vengeance. The Rays took the powerhouse Dodgers to 6 games in this year’s Fall Classic, and we’ve seen just how good the squad can be after it made it out of the American League.

Even if they shed some of their roster to cut the payroll, Tampa Bay is set to retain most of the talent that took the team to the World Series. While it’s unlikely that they win at such a high clip as this season, it’s more than reasonable to say that the Rays are contenders.

  1. Oakland Athletics

Oakland has been a constant in the playoffs in recent history, having made it to the postseason through the past three seasons. The squad has consistently shown that it has what it takes to compete with the superpowers in the league despite the team’s young core.

Although a number of players from the 2020 squad are set to hit free agency and the team might be looking at some changes come next season, the A’s are set to remain in contention with its strong core and savvy management.

  1. Minnesota Twins

The back-to-back American League Central champions are faced with uncertainty this offseason, with a considerable number of its players hitting free agency.

However, the Twins need not fret, as lauded top prospects should make their way into what will be left of Minnesota’s roster after the offseason. Plus, players are most likely looking for guaranteed money due to the pandemic, so it’s safe to say that the Twins won’t lose everyone, most especially 40-year-old Nelson Cruz who was vital in last season’s offense.

  1. New York Yankees

New York has a lot on its plate this offseason. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, financial uncertainty abounds and the Yankees must make the choice as to whether or not they should cut their payroll to make it below the luxury tax threshold next season. Masahiro Tanaka and DJ LeMahieu are bound to get some suitors from other teams, making the Yankees’ decision-making even more difficult.

Nonetheless, the Yankees will of course be making moves that will ensure that they remain in contention. Whether they let go of their free agents or make some bold trades, the Yankees will be a team to watch out for next season.

  1. Houston Astros

The Astros were a win away from making another World Series, and the team will definitely try to make the most out of the offseason to make sure that they don’t fall short next time.

Although there’s still speculation as to whether the Astros will re-sign their free agents, particularly George Springer and Michael Brantley, the rest of the squad will likely run it back into 2021. Plus, there are a couple of players such as Kirby Yates and Marcell Ozuna that the Astros can sign to shore up their roster.

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