MLB” The Astros blasted 7 points in the final game of the American League Championship to tie the Red Sox

The Astros scored crazy in the 9th inning (Associated Press)

Today, the U.S. Major League Baseball Championship continued. In the end, the Astros beat the Red Sox 9-2. In the first half of the eighth inning, they fell behind 1:2, but Jose Altuve slammed a match. , And then the first half of the 9 innings of the Astros were fully fired. The sea scored 7 points in a single game. Castro, Brantley, Avarez and others all became the winning heroes, leading the team to win, and chasing the series. A 2:2 tie also successfully limited the fierce firepower of the Red Sox in the first few games.

The Astros sent the ace starter Zack Greinke (Zack Greinke) to the board and pitched the ball, but he did not perform well. He shot 1.1 innings and was knocked out with a home run and lost 2 points. The coach decisively replaced him. Both sides scored in the first game of the game. Astronaut Alex Bregman caught Nick Pivetta (Nick Pivetta) with a 94.4 mph four-stitched fast ball blasted out of the field and got a 1-0 lead, but the second half was red. Xander Bogaerts immediately responded with a 2-pointer lead.

Glenn was replaced after less than 2 rounds, and then both sides stabilized the situation and staged a pitching battle. The Astros sent Brooks Raley, Cristian Javier, Phil Maton, and Gui. Kendall Graveman successfully defended 2-8 innings without allowing the Red Sox to hit the line again. The Red Sox sent Vita to 5 innings and only conceded 1 point, and then Josh Taylor and Adam Ottavino also successfully defended.

However, in the first half of the 8th inning, Garrett Whitlock was shelled by Jose Altuve. This was a sinking ball of 96.1 mph, which tied the score to 2:2. The long-awaited Altuve Wei finally let out a grievance. In the 9th inning, the Red Sox sent Nathan Eovaldi, hoping to keep the score, but he lost points. Castro knocked out a hit and fell behind 2:3, and then ended on a full base.

The Red Sox replaced Martin Perez with a left shot, but he was caught by Michael Brantley as soon as his first ball on the field. He hit the second base and scored 3 points in one breath. The next shot was Avari. (Yordan Alvarez) was the icing on the cake and hit a first base and scored 1 point. Then the nightmare was not over. The Astros took advantage of the win to tie and continue to knock and score, and got a 9-2 lead. In this game, they poured 7 points, not at all. Stay alive.

In the 9th game, the Red Sox launched the final offense. The Astros sent Ryan Pressly to close the door, but he encountered a crisis in this game and was hit by E. Hernandez and Rafael Devers. After hitting a hit, the catcher Castro failed to catch the ball and let the Red Sox capture the second and third base. For a time, he faced a crisis of losing points. Fortunately, in the end, Presley managed to defend and win the game. This is the spaceman Gui Fu Man took the winning shot, and the Red Sox Aiwodi swallowed the losing shot.

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The Astros blasted 7 points in the final game of the American League Championship to tie the Red Sox
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