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Harold Capote Fernandez

Since the 2017 season, Francisco Rodríguez has not pitched in the Major Leagues, this means that by the end of the year the “Kid” will debut on the voting ballot with a view to the Hall of Fame.

For the boy from Caracas, Barrio Kennedy, his career at the highest level of baseball was very significant; Not only is he the owner of the record for the most games saved in a tournament, with 62, he also accumulated 437 saves, a figure that places him in fourth place all time.

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To that last we must emphasize that the right did not begin his career as a full-time bolt; during his first 3 years he racked up 12 saves due to Troy Percival’s presence on the Anaheim Angels at the time.

Now, the three rescuers ahead of him on the historical list (Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, and Lee Smith) have a niche in the Cooperstown Temple; what is more, the seventh for life in that section (Dennis Eckersley), is also an immortal of the best baseball in the world.

When considering these details, the assertion that Rodríguez presents strong arguments for also being one of the eternals is valid.

Since moving to the closer role, number 57, not including the years 2012 and 2013, in his year with the fewest saves he secured 23 games, that was in 2011 at the service of the New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers.

Rivera in his lowest year achieved 28 (2002), Hoffman had 20 (1994), Smith secured 17 (1982), while Eckersley added 16 (1987) in a campaign in which he also worked as a starter.

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As far as ERA is concerned, Rivera posted 2.21, the San Diego Padres’ closer 2.76, Smith posted 3.03 and Eckersley 3.50. Francisco stayed at 2.86.

For his part, in ERA+ the Panamanian was a barbarian with 205 (the best of all time), Trevor Hoffman had 141, Smith 132, Eckersley 116. Rodríguez 148.

Regarding the whip, that of the New York Yankees he had 1.00, Hoffman 1.05, Smith 1.25, Eckersley 1.16. The “Kid” 1.15.

Looking at the average Hits per 9 innings, Mariano’s was 7, Hoffman 7, Smith 7.9, Eckersley 8.4. Creole 6.8.

Rivera’s average was 0.5 home runs for every 9 stretches, Hoffman at 0.8, Smith at 0.6, Eckersley at 1. Francisco Rodríguez placed it at 0.9.

The walker for every 9 innings, Mariano Rivera averaged 2, Hoffman 2.5, Smith 3.4, Eckersley 2. The Venezuelan contender for perpetuity 3.6.

Finally, Rivera on average struck out 8.2 opponents in every 9 innings, Hoffman at 9.4, Smith at 8.7, Eckersley at 6.6, Rodriguez at 10.5.

Is the legitimacy of Francisco Rodríguez’s candidacy appreciated?

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