“MLB Umpire Laughing at a Challenge: The Embarrassing Moment Caught on Mic”

2023-05-29 01:07:54

Major league veteran umpire Jeff Nelson. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

In the current Major League Baseball games, the leader of the referee team will wear a microphone to announce the challenge result of the video replay to assist the judgment. However, from time to time, the microphone will be forgotten and the audience will hear what should not be said. According to the situation, referee Jeff Nelson, who has been in the major league since 1997, was heard yesterday (28th) laughing at the challenge proposed by the Miami Marlins, and the challenge was successful.

In this Marlins away game against the Los Angeles Angels, the two sides tied 4-4 and entered the overtime. With 1 out in 10 innings and a full base, the Marlins were leading 5-4 when Jacob Stallings hit a grounder that was not strong in front of the pitcher.

Just when everyone thought that the double play ended the Marlins offensive, and even the broadcast had been advertised, the Marlins challenged. Nelson, who served as the third base judge, obviously scoffed at this. After announcing the Marlins’ challenge to the audience with the microphone, he forgot to turn off the microphone and mocked the Marlins with vulgar language related to ass, saying that they did not understand the challenge. situation. He then fell into an awkward silence after apparently hearing his own voice playing on the pitch.

To make things even more embarrassing, the replay center in New York confirmed that Angel catcher Thaiss’ foot did not touch home plate, so Yuli Gurriel, who came back from third base, changed his out to a score. This video was also widely circulated on the Internet, and many fans laughed at Nelson as the one who didn’t understand the situation.

After the challenge was successful, the Marlins continued to attack, and finally scored 4 points in this round to take an 8-4 lead. The Angels recovered 1 point in the second half to no avail, and finally the Marlins won 8-5.

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