MLK Day: Boston got scared, end of series for New York

Nicolas Batum stratospheric, Evan Fournier in the hard. Obviously very inspired by Martin Luther King Day, “Batman” panicked the counters (32 points), Monday evening during the victory of the Clippers in LA against Indiana (133-128). Unleashed, in particular at three points (7 out of 10, new personal best, and 10 out of 16 in shots in total), the French international and hero of the semi-final of the Tokyo Games last summer managed a small festival against the Pacers. Silent during the first half (no points), the Clippers winger, who remained on two defeats, came out of his box after returning from the locker room. Completely transformed, the hero of the evening was then a misfortune, especially in the last quarter (18 points of his 32 of the evening, 5 rebounds, 3 assists). Batum, who had not placed his personal cursor as high for four years, failed three points from his best total since joining the NBA (35 points in 2012 with Portland). His performance in the only second half will nevertheless remain in the annals of his franchise. Very big “Batman” to put the Clippers back on track. New York, which remained on three wins in a row, however saw its beautiful momentum stopped Monday evening during this traditional NBA meeting by Charlotte (97-87) on the floor of Madison Square Garden.

Stunning Boston!

Fallen on a Miles Bridges of the great evenings (38 points, including 22 in the only first half) on the side of the Hornets, the New Yorkers and Evan Fournier, very discreet (6 points to 2 of 9 on shots, 2 assists, 1 rebound), took the water from the start (34-23 in the first quarter) against the players of North Carolina, who thus restarted a series (the Hornets had chained four successes before losing at home against Orlando two days earlier). The Knicks, in the wake of the Barrett-Randle tandem (18 points each) reacted late in the game but in vain. At the opening of this MLK Day, a little earlier, Boston, for its part, had been very hot at home against the Pelicans, who led by 18 points before being knocked down (104-92) by Jayson Tatum (leading scorer of the match with 27 points) and his family, who thus sign their fifth victory in their last six outings. Stopped by Portland this weekend, Washington, for its part, returned to success in the third game of this evening by winning quite clearly on its floor (117-98) against Philadelphia, which had made the trip in the capital with the hope of lining up a third victory in a row.

Five in a row for Cleveland, Memphis restarts

Goal missed for the Sixers despite 32 points (8 rebounds, 1 assist) from Joel Embiid. The Wizards of Montrezl Harrell, author of 18 points, and Kyle Kuzma in all shots (15 points, 16 rebounds) led the dance all evening. Cleveland had more difficulty. It must be said that the Cavs, certainly in great shape (four wins in a row before Monday), received the third in the Brooklyn East Conference. Darius Garland (22 points, 12 assists) and his family took the opportunity to pass the fifth (114-107), against the Nets who discovered life without Kevin Durant, away for four to six weeks. The former leader, carried by his other stars James Harden (22 points, 10 assists) and Kyrie Irving (27 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds), believed in it until the very end of the game and two gifts that made the happiness of the fourth in the ranking. The Cavs come back to two losses from their opponent of the evening, who could experience a bad period without his best player. A bad pass, Chicago certainly knows one. Monday, traveling on the floor of Memphis, deprived this weekend by Dallas of a twelfth success in a row, the Bulls suffered their fourth defeat in a row despite the good performance of DeMar DeRozan (24 points). Desmond Bane (25 points) and the Grizzlies are gone.

Monday, January 17, 2022
Boston Celtics – New Orleans Pelicans : 104-92
New York Knicks – Charlotte Hornets : 87-91
Washington Wizards – Philadelphia 76ers : 117-98
Cleveland Cavaliers – Brooklyn Nets : 114-107
Memphis Grizzlies – Chicago Bulls : 119-106
LA Clippers – Indiana Pacers : 139-133

To come…
Atlanta Hawks – Milwaukee Bucks
Orlando Magic – Portland Trail Blazers
Miami Heat – Toronto Raptors
Dallas Mavericks – Oklahoma City Thunder
San Antonio Spurs – Phoenix Suns
Los Angeles Lakers – Utah Jazz

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