MLS clears up controversial penalty shootout between Orlando and NYCFC

Major League Soccer took the spotlight around the world, tol live one of the heartiest penalty shootouts in its history and in which confusion reigned, after a controversial expulsion of Pedro Gallese, who saw the red after going ahead and the referee prevented the entry of the substitute goalkeeper.

Given the controversy that arose during the start of the first round of the playoffs, The MLS released a statement in which they clarified the expulsion of the Peruvian goalkeeper and why Brian Rowe was barred from entering.

Expulsion of Gallese

The MLS revealed that it still operates under the IFAB 2019/20 rules, which is why the goalkeeper saw the second yellow card when he went ahead before the penalty of Valentín Castellanos and was ultimately expelled. According to the new regulations for the 2020/21 season, if the goalkeeper had gone ahead, he would have received a warning first and in the event of a repeat offense, he would have received the yellow card.

The second yellow card was for invasionas he had moved forward from the goal line at the time the shot was taken and had no part of his foot on or in line with the goal line. This is a mandatory warning. In accordance with the 2019/20 Laws of the Game, under which the 2020 MLS season is working for the entirety of the regular season and postseason (the 2020/21 Rules have amended this aspect of the law to include a warning for a first offense, however because MLS 2020 began before the changes to the Law went into effect in the summer of 2020, we continue to work on the initial version of the Laws of the Game for the full season and will incorporate the change for the 2021 season, ”the MLS statement reads.

Rowe couldn’t stop

After the expulsion, the controversy continued as the center-back prevented the entry of Brian Rowe and the defender Rodrigo Schlegel put on the gloves to dress up as a hero with the Orlando outfit.

Goalkeepers who are sent off during kicks from the penalty mark can only be replaced by an eligible playeri.e. a player who is on the field of play (or temporarily off the field of play due to team adjustments, injury treatment, etc.) at the end of overtime. Orlando’s substitute goalkeeper, Brian Rowe, was not an eligible player, “explained the league, after a controversy that has already gone around the world.

Orlando City became the first team to qualify for the conference semifinals, after beating a score of 6 goals to 5 in the penalty shootout, after equalizing a goal in regular time.

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