MMA – After his success against Ciryl Gane, Francis Ngannou thinks about the post-UFC and looks towards English boxing

He didn’t keep all his promises, but regardless, there was still a fight. And Francis Ngannou won it brilliantly. Opposed on the night of Saturday to Sunday in Anaheim, South of Los Angeles, Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane proposed a high level opposition during the main event of UFC 270, the main event of this beginning of the year 2022 in the main MMA league.

It was after five rounds, very close and not always spectacular, that Ngannou won by unanimous decision of the judges (48-47, 48-47, 49-46). He thus added a 17th victory to his record (3 defeats) and inflicted on Gane his first setback in 11 fights. Patient, more powerful than the 31-year-old Frenchman, Ngannou also showed that he was a complete fighter because his excellent ground work notably enabled him to make the difference.

After his win, Ngannou admitted that he injured his knee just three weeks ago – a torn anterior cruciate ligament – and had purposely taken the fight to wrestling to relieve his injured limb. This injury factor made his victory even stronger.

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The champion has not fallen: Ngannou retains his heavyweight belt


Ngannou had a bad knee

I knew he would be a very tough opponent. I’m surprised he managed to stay in this fight until the end of the five rounds. But I knew what to do. My coaches told me to stay calm once I had taken the lead. It’s a fabulous journey that I’m leading here at the UFC. I’ve had a lot of fights, I’ve crossed paths, I’ve been injured for quite a while, but I couldn’t see myself giving up this fight.“, he analyzed hot, before settling his accounts in two stages.

First in the octagon. “I wanted to remind everyone that I was the champion. Never forget it, I work tirelessly every day. In Las Vegas, we have a great wrestling team, great coaches. So my qualities on the ground have greatly improved. I’m going to celebrate that, we’re very proud of the work we’ve done together. I have a thought for Cameroon and all those who support me in the world. I felt a lot of affection from Cameroonians” Then, in a press conference, with his belt and a beautiful green suit in the colors of his nation. “I certainly didn’t knock out Ciryl, but I’m glad I disappointed those who thought he would beat me in five rounds. I was the champion and I remain so. The boss is me.”

Francis Ngannou after his fight against Ciryl Gane at UFC 270

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Boxing in a corner of his head

What will be next for Ngannou? In bad relations with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the most important MMA league in the world, and its big boss Dana White, the 35-year-old sportsman wants to turn to new horizons, especially since his contract is coming to an end soon. “I have boxing in the back of my mind, it’s one of the options to consider. I will take every opportunity that presents itself. I have my eyes open, I’m not going to spend my life in the UFC“, he said in the ring at first, before telling RMC Sport more.

Everything is possible for the future. We have to resolve the situation with the UFC, which has been very tense lately. I have the maximum number of cards in my hand. Either they’ll manage to negotiate or they’ll release me. I fight freedom and independence, that’s all. I think every fighter should be in a position to speak out without fear of reprisal. Even for those just starting out, it’s a right. You don’t have to be in a strong position to claim what’s due.”

Gane wants “his revenge”

For his part, the French Ciryl Gane made a good impression during this fight. An MMA fighter since 2018, the 31-year-old sportsman has mainly lacked physical presence, as his father reminded RMC Sport. The one called “Bon Gamin” still made an appointment for the future with this performance.

I want to thank everyone who supported me. I’m sorry but congratulations to Francis. I’m a little sad but it’s a good experience for me. I just recently arrived at the UFC“, he pointed out moments after his defeat. But, defeat or not, he wants more.”I want revenge“.

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“Ngannou-Gane will arouse enormous interest in France” according to the UFC


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“It’s a rock, no one can knock it down”: Ngannou, the blessed child of Cameroon


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