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Mobile phone holder for the bike: Use your smartphone safely on the go


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How to use the smartphone safely on the bike

As of February 11, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes

Attach mobile phone to bike

With a holder on the handlebar, you can use your smartphone safely and legally while cycling

Source: pa / dpa Themendie / Christin Klose

With a cell phone holder on your bike you are safer on the road than with just one hand on the handlebar – the most popular models and their features here at a glance.

Hdid you know? It is forbidden to hold the smartphone in your hand while driving – the fines catalog stipulates a penalty of 55 euros. Riding a bicycle with a mobile phone holder is therefore not only safer, it also saves you trouble with the police. You can keep both hands on the handlebars to navigate, track the route, listen to music and make phone calls (with a hands-free system or with headphones), thus avoiding dangerous situations in traffic.

Warning: listening to music is generally allowed when cycling – but the volume should not be so loud that it affects the perception of the surroundings. In the event of an accident, the use of headphones can be interpreted negatively.

But of course the cell phone needs to be well protected: a good product should therefore be able to be firmly attached to the bike and reliably protect the important electronics from falls and scratches. In addition, good mounts can protect against rain and snow, deliver power and be individually adapted to the needs of road traffic.

Mobile phone holder for bicycles: An overview of the most important features

What should be considered when buying? Here we give you some important clues as to what makes a good cell phone holder:

  • A universal fit that is suitable for different bike models promises a secure hold even on cobblestones and other uneven floors.
  • Many brackets are offered in different versions, so that the selected product is compatible with your own mobile phone model.
  • A waterproof protective cover also allows you to ride in the rain – ideally, the cover should not restrict the usability of the mobile phone.
  • A cell phone holder with charging function is particularly suitable for longer trips.
  • Brackets made of silicone * absorb shocks better and are often more robust than models made of hard plastic *.
  • Good brackets allow you to adjust the angle and switch between portrait and landscape format.
  • Ideally, buttons, connections, camera, fingerprint sensor and FaceID should also continue to be usable in the holder.

Mobile phone holder for the bike: with charging function, waterproof and Co.

For example, products with an additional protective cover are offered so that a mobile phone holder on the bike is waterproof. This includes, among other things, the smartphone holder from Wicked Chili *, in which the touchscreen can also be operated with the supplied “mobile phone rain poncho”. It is not just an iPhone holder for bicycles – the manufacturer also offers fastenings for numerous other models.

If you want to protect your phone particularly well from the weather, you can also consider buying a cell phone pocket for your bike. Particularly popular with Amazon buyers: the frame bag from TURATA *.

Another recommended smartphone holder for bicycles comes from Bone Collection *: it can be mounted on the stem for upright use or on the handlebar for landscape format. The 2-in-1 holder *, another product from the manufacturer, also has a good feature: Although this model is not a bicycle cell phone holder with charging function, a power bank can also be attached. So you can charge your phone while on the go. Also noteworthy here is the low weight, which can be crucial for light bikes.

For many cyclists, a cell phone holder on a racing bike is almost indispensable, because the distance traveled can also be tracked with a smartphone. Some products available online, including the safe solution from TruActive *, are also suitable for simple everyday use and are therefore universal and suitable for many types of bicycles: the mobile phone holder can be attached to a mountain bike, racing bike, Dutch bike and even a motorcycle.

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