Mobile phone prices in Germany: Affordable mobile internet access

Finally 5G: A first transmission mast is rising in Austria.
Picture: dpa

You can hardly believe it: Now mobile phone prices are falling in Germany too. It is not network operators that are pioneers, but their subsidiaries and discounters. A look at attractive tariffs and bad pitfalls.

JWe have complained for a long time about the high prices and low data volumes in mobile communications. Now there is a bit of movement. Four gigabytes of data a month plus a flat rate for telephony in the best network only cost ten euros. It’s spectacular when you take a peek at Telekom’s magenta mobile pages, where the small “S” tariff is advertised with a 40-euro price tag.

How cheap can the telecom network be? One trick is called Fraenk. This is a mobile phone brand that was founded by Congstar, the Telekom subsidiary. There is only one Fraenk tariff, you have to book it directly on your smartphone in the app and pay it with Paypal. EU roaming and SMS flat rates are included, the contract can be terminated monthly and you are allowed into the Telekom LTE network.


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