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Many fans of electronic games consider mobile games as not attractive games, due to their poor graphics and stories, disadvantages of touch control and others, however, these games, according to many industry experts, are on the path of achieving tremendous growth in the coming years for 5 main reasons, although it still takes a while to look console-quality games.

The Make Uses of Technology report explains these various reasons that paint a bright future for mobile gaming, as follows: First, the number of potential mobile game players outnumber their console counterparts. Therefore, assuming that a mobile game becomes popular, the site believes that it may be more profitable than a console game, given that almost everyone in the world owns a smartphone, while the console user, in turn, has to buy “Play Playstation” or “Xbox” exclusively, to enjoy the hobby, which means more cost from the start. Also, the more people play a mobile game, the more revenue can be made from players spending and displaying in-game ads, but it is a high-risk investment, despite the high return, as for the success of a mobile game, there are hundreds that fail.

Despite these risks, many of the popular games on the console, such as “League of Legends”, “Diablo”, “Apex Legends” and “Just Cause” will appear on mobile soon, to take advantage of the growing number of mobile players. According to the site, where the global revenue for the year 2021, for some of the most popular mobile games, such as “Games”, “PUBG Mobile”, “Gunsion Impact”, “Pokman Go” and “Candy Crush Saga”, is between 50 million and 1 billion downloads on the Google Play store, although revenue also depends on factors such as player retention, time spent in the game, and level of play, starting with earning points, and then rewards, among others.

Microtransactions allow you to earn recurring income

Second, the site reports that people often ignore paid games on mobile, and this is the main reason why they are not popular. While more than 90% of apps are free, people expect mobile games to be free as well, but many developers are frustrated, From the idea of ​​not getting a down payment for their games. Those who want to create a mobile game are forced to stick to the “freemium” model, that is, investing their game by getting players to buy in-game items, such as clothes or weapons via microtransactions, which, although they have a bad reputation in the gaming community, However, it helps developers earn recurring income.

In contrast, since console games usually come with a one-time down payment, the main way for a developer to earn more from their game is to find new players, which is much more difficult, time consuming, and more expensive than retaining existing users. That’s why mobile games are a better long-term investment for developers.

Smartphones are getting stronger

Third, the site sees that the modern smartphone is really powerful, yet smartphone manufacturers outperform themselves every year by releasing the best of the best with a faster processor. He points out that the “iPhone 13” and “Android” phones are more powerful than the “PlayStation 4”, which can technically be played on the phone.

As this progress continues, it means that developers will be able to create games with better graphics, and more fluid controls. It will only be two years until the exclusive power of flagship phones can be found in the cheapest phones as well. This will allow for an increasingly wider user base, which in turn will increase revenue. Not to mention the rise of gaming phones, where there are features that regular phones do not provide, where things like a headphone jack, built-in cooling system, power buttons, and a dedicated gaming mode, are very important for some players, especially those who play competitively.

5G Network Developments

Fourth, while its adoption isn’t going as fast as the tech giants hope, 5G has a lot to offer, especially in the mobile gaming industry, according to the tech site. From faster download speeds, to fewer delays in processing computer data over a network connection, to shorter load times and cloud gaming, 5G will help mobile games compete with console games. According to Ericsson, 5G is faster. 20 times that of 4G at its maximum speed, and can reduce the delay time in computer data processing over a network connection to only five milliseconds.

This means that the gameplay will be very smooth, even when playing in the cloud. And in multiplayer, the game will be able to host more players on the same server, without experiencing any kind of bandwidth issues.

The site quotes the British “Wired” magazine: “Higher bandwidth and lower response times mean that cloud computing is becoming more viable. This will allow developers to handle more tedious processing tasks, deliver assignments remotely, and broadcast a higher quality end result to players. This will reduce concerns about whether the game runs on phones with older specifications, or lower specifications, as long as the end user has a 5G data plan, they can enjoy higher quality games.”

With 5G, players will also be able to try out more games, before downloading and purchasing them, according to the site. Although there are game demos on the Play Store, they are limited to specific games, while the 5G network will help expand the scope of the game demos to include more games, which will increase discoverability and allow finding games faster.

Integration of augmented and virtual reality

Besides the multiplayer experience, 5G, according to the site, will also improve and facilitate the integration of augmented and virtual reality into mobile games. While virtual reality applications are currently available on the Play Store, they are not a good representation of what the technology can really do, because the power required to exploit augmented and virtual reality is something that 4G lacks. In order to enter the next era of mobile games from augmented reality and virtual reality, the site sees the importance of making the 5G network easier, and affordable for everyone, because the profitability of the game on the mobile phone, ultimately depends on the number of downloads, except for the need to make headphones from Virtual reality is cheaper and lighter, as the hardware is still not ideal for long gaming sessions, which can lead to headaches and dizziness.

Once the developers solve these issues, the site is likely that more people will be willing to try and adopt the technology, and even mobile games outperform console games, noting that those games in their current form, are constantly evolving. It is better than it was two years ago, but still far from experiencing its full potential. Looking at the trends, it is clear that more developers are moving in and doing their part to expand its boundaries.


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