Mobilization this Thursday in Girona due to the risk of collapse of the cultural sector

Technicians from the cultural sector, promoters, managers and artists are mobilizing this Thursday evening in Girona against the risk of collapse of the world of culture due to the impact of the pandemic. The protest, which is part of a simultaneous mobilization across the state, seeks to capture the unease of one of the sectors hardest hit by the restrictions arising from the fight against coronavirus, that of live entertainment.

In the case of Girona, it will be held on the Paseo de la Copa, and participants will gather, sitting and separated, while the facades of the City Hall, the cathedral and St. Felix are illuminated in red, the color symbol of the Red Alert movement, which promotes the initiative.

The aim of the protest is to urge the administrations to take urgent measures to ensure the survival of the sector, which in many cases lives in a situation of precariousness and “illegality”, explains Xavier Pons, representative of the Association of Audiovisual Professionals of Catalonia in Girona, which is leading the protest.

In the audiovisual sector alone, he explains, in Girona there are about twenty companies, with more than 160 direct workers, that have been seen affected by the limitations of live performances and suspensions of festivals, performances or major festivals.

“We have the feeling that measures are being taken to put pieces together, and if they do not put a solution in place, many professionals will get in the way,” he laments.


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