Models with kilos return to television to democratize fashion

Fluvia, Mayara and Nahuane are models, but they do not diet, although they do eat healthy, exercise and from the program “Belleza XL” on channel E! Entertainment, whose second season starts this Thursday in Latin America, seeks to “democratize and humanize fashion.

In an interview with Efe through Zoom, the three Brazilian models of Extra Large (XL) size talk about their careers and the prejudices they have had to face in life and in the fashion industry for being “fat.”


It is a word that Fluvia Lacerda, known as the Gisele Bundchen of “plus size” fashion, has no qualms about using when talking about herself and her companions, despite the fact that some people find it derogatory and for that reason they use euphemisms such as “plump”.

Fluvia explains that in the first season of the program the audience opened their eyes to the reality of the plus-size models, something that previously seemed “scandalous, absurd and inconceivable”, and now in the second it shows the difficulties, obstacles and successes of the careers of the three protagonists.

“The possibilities that we have as” plus size “models are as immense as those of conventional models,” says Lacerda, who has invested in her own line of swimwear, including bikinis, and complains that the manufacturers of these garments don’t think of people like her.

“The fashion industry has to exist for all people equally, because as much as there is a prejudice against a fat woman, she will not disappear because of that,” he says.

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Mayara Russi, who is starting her international career and like Fluvia Lacerda is already known to the public, as she participated in the first season of the series, spoke with Efe about whether it is possible to be fat and be healthy.

Mother of two children, the same ones who Fluvia has, she says her medical tests indicate that she has “nothing that people associate with obesity.”

“My nutritionist says that your weight does not define your health, but healthy habits do. If you do physical activity, eat well, most of the time you have nothing to worry about,” he says.

At 21, the “new” star of “Beauty XL”, Nahuane, is the youngest of the three and has spent a season in London in search of more opportunities in a growing market.

Fashion is changing and models that conform to beauty standards are beginning to coexist with those that are more similar to real women and men, although that does not mean that the latter do not have to meet some requirements.


Thanks to this “reality TV” program, the public can find out what it takes to be the “new face” of the Ford modeling agency together with the “Beauty XL” program: from 18 to 30 years old, a height greater than 1.70 meters and a width of hips of 115 to 125 centimeters.

“I don’t follow a very restricted specific diet, I always try to eat healthy, I exercise. Sometimes I put something in the diet, but not to lose weight, but for my well-being, for my health,” says Nahuane Drumond.

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Following its success in Brazil, the first season of “Belleza XL” premiered in July 2019 in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama and other Latin American countries, reaching more than 49.5 million homes.

In the second episode of this new season’s series, a fourth member will be added, chosen in a casting by Ford Models Curve, an extension of the Ford Models agency.


“Belleza XL” is an NBCUniversal co-production with Manjubinha Filmes, which focuses on female empowerment, by giving a voice to a growing number of women breaking barriers to assert their place in society.

“It’s a cause, it’s not just a job! I need to inspire women. I need women to love each other. I need women to understand that they are beautiful in their own way,” says Mayara Russi.

Fluvia Lacerda explains that “a large part of the program’s focus is to focus on all these psychological prisons that women experience in any area of ​​their lives.”

“I can be happy as I am and yes, I am a fat woman, I am happy. I don’t need to justify my health to other people, because when you talk to a skinny model, you never ask how hungry she is, how many drugs she is using to suppress her appetite, or how much of her hair is about to fall out because she doesn’t eat, and so on. “

According to Mayara, the audience for “Belleza XL”, especially on social networks, is mostly female, but there are interested men because “they are concerned about this issue of the self-esteem of their wife, girlfriend, sister or mother.”

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Also, the lack of diversity in fashion affects both men and women. “The fat man also suffers from many prejudices and suffers from the scarcity of this availability of fashion”, says Fluvia.

All three complain that the modeling career is short, but they all have plans for later.


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