Moderna expects to use booster vaccine against ‘Omicron’

company Moderna Inc. expects to use booster vaccine against COVID-19 Mutants’Omikron‘ within the month of March 2022

Today (Dec. 2), Moderna, Inc. expects it may be ready to apply for approval for a booster vaccine to protect against COVID-19. omicron strains in the US as early as March In 2022, Stephen Hoke, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moderna, expressed confidence that The booster vaccine the company is testing may be the fastest solution to the problem of reduced vaccine efficacy that can be caused by the Omicron virus. In an interview with Reuters, Mr. Hoke said: “We have already started a vaccine trial program.”

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In addition, Moderna is researching multivalent vaccines that contain viral components.Covid-19 up to 4 species, includingOmicron virus. The process could take several months, Hoke also said the approval process could take three to four months because of previous guidelines set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Intermediate clinical trial data must also be submitted.

“For the booster vaccine that specifically targets the Omicron virus, if truth be told We probably won’t use it before March. And it could be until the second quarter of next year unless the FDA changes its guidelines for filing information for vaccine approval.”

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