Moha La Squale accused of violence: four complaints, testimonies

MOHA LA SQUALE. Four women filed a complaint against rapper Moha La Squale and the Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for willful violence, death threats and sexual assault.

[Mis à jour le 16 septembre 2020 à 09h14] Moha La Squale targeted by a fourth complaint. Last week, three young women had already filed a complaint against the rapper for “violence”, “sexual assault” and “kidnapping”. The Paris prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation for “willful violence”, “death threats” and “sexual assault”, entrusted to the Paris judicial police. A fourth complaint was therefore added to the file, tells us 20Minutes. The first three young women have been heard several times by investigators, but not the rapper.

It all started on September 6, when Romy, a young woman of 20, posted a video on her Instagram account, testifying to the violent behavior of Moha La Squale. “In the video, I warn those who will come to meet him, given that my experience was not great,” she explained to Franceinfo, remembering that in just a few hours, her private messenger was overflowing with answers. “I received ten messages per minute, and today it continues … Very precise testimonies, always with the same chronology of facts.” Moha La Squale remains silent.

A week after the first shocks of the Moha La Squale affair, the first three women to have lodged a complaint against him for “violence”, “sexual assault” and “kidnapping” emerged from the silence in the columns of the World. The three young women, in their twenties, recount the violent behavior that the rapper would have had, according to them, while they were dating.

Luna, ex-companion of the singer who dedicated the song of the same name to him, tells the newspaper: “He said to me: ‘If you leave me and you speak, I will make you shoot in the knee, I I’ll send a guy to slash your face with a razor blade, I’ll call some guys from the neighborhood to take you to a cellar to rape you. And when they’re done, I’ll come and burn Moha La Squale on your back ‘ . ” Luna dated the rapper before he was known. Then 23 years old, the stylist began a relationship with the future 21-year-old artist, who was studying at the Cours Florent at the time. “At the beginning, he was very nice, very helpful. He told me that he had had little trouble with the law because he had sold a little bit of drugs, nothing serious”, explains the young woman at World.

But quickly, Moha La Squale would have changed his behavior, becoming according to his story verbally and physically violent: “He was pulling me by the hair so hard that the skin of the scalp peeled off, I had bruises all over my head”, says Luna. , who remembers being strangled “with a pillow”. “I was struggling and I was like, ‘He’s going to suffocate me someday.” Each time, she says that the rapper became attentive again, apologizing in words or with gifts.

“I tell myself he’s someone who has a problem, a mental illness, to be so violent and terrible with his girlfriends. He’s someone who needs treatment. He exercises a very strong pressure, a grip on the people he meets, “adds Luna in Le Monde. Another of the three complainants describes another violent episode, which dates back to last July, when she says she wanted to distance herself. “He put a pillow on my head, he was pressing very hard on my head and I couldn’t breathe. And there he was saying to me: ‘I’m going to kill you, I have already fallen for acts of barbarism, I will go back to closet, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to have you killed, even your family I’ll have them killed (…). I’m going to kill you with a pillow, it doesn’t make a mark ‘(…). He said: ” I’m schizo, there are several in my head, I can kill someone. ”

Romy wrote on Instagram at the beginning of September: “Your rapist rappers who make love sounds and who sequester chicks, who hit their go and who after ooooh my lunaaaa. We love that this kind of rot is streamed thoroughly (I personally have nothing serious but it could have been). For those who have not captured I am obviously talking about Moha La Squale. “

But it was when the model Lena Simonne, companion of rapper Romeo Elvis, also accused of sexual assault, shared this testimony on his own social networks that the Web ignited. A video explanation followed from the same Romy, who reiterated her accusations. Then, several young women also spoke on social networks, in particular Luna, who inspired Moha La Squale to his hit of the same name. All accuse the young man of having behaved violently towards them.

“There are similarities in the stories that these young women have unveiled. In particular on the fact that they were, at one time, locked in a dwelling,” explains Thibault Stumm, the lawyer for young women, at 20 minutes. Among the latter, two relate facts which would have taken place two years ago and one a few months ago. The plaintiffs “provided the police with rather lengthy testimony,” added their lawyer.

“There are a total of six victims, including three with a known identity” who have lodged a complaint, said a source familiar with the case, adding that the other three alleged victims should also lodge a complaint in the coming days. Moha La Squale did not react to these revelations.

While Twitter was unleashed around the controversy over the accusations against the rapper, the latter announced on Instagram the release of his next album on Friday, September 18. A timing that has only increased criticism on social networks, where many Internet users have called for a boycott of this new record. After the controversy and the three complaints filed against Moha La Squale, it seems that the release of The Appache is ultimately postponed. In the program “Mouv Rap Club” on the radio Le Mouv, the host Fif explains: “The album of Moha La Squale will not be released this Friday. The album has been canceled. We do not know when it will be released. There is no date”.

Last June, Moha La Squale had already made people talk about his conflicts with the law. The rapper must also be tried in July 2021 for an aggravated refusal to comply, contempt of a person holding public authority and rebellion, according to a judicial source interviewed by AFP. The young 25-year-old rapper was arrested on Friday, June 19, in the afternoon, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris for “rebellion”. The arrest took place after a routine roadside check, after police realized that Moha La Squale was already wanted for “aggravated refusal to comply”, the same police source said.

Already detained the year of his 18 years in Fleury-Mérogis remand center, Moha La Squale was taken into custody after his arrest. This former student of Cours Florent was then released under judicial supervision pending July 2021, where he will be tried for the three offenses mentioned above, but also for “conduct which compromises the safety of road users or disturbs the public tranquility “. While he was on the set of one of his clips, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, he was interrupted by police. The offense took place in 2018. Moha La Squale was thus the subject of a search warrant, for having taken part in a “motorcycle rodeo on May 21 in the 20th arrondissement of Paris”. He would then have “refused to comply with requests to stop and failed to hit a girl in her flight.”

Moha La Squale, whose real name is Mohamed Bellahmed, born February 24, 1995 in Créteil, became known in 2017 thanks to freestyle videos posted on social networks, in particular on Facebook, every Sunday. The following year, the young rapper released his first album, Bendero. It’s a success: he is certified gold in two months. Very quickly he became the new face of French rap.

“When I was a kid I wasn’t really into rap. I didn’t know the artists but it was clearly the background music of my life. The first real sound I remember is Carved into stone of Sniper. My sister listened to Usher, but I didn’t really distinguish between rap and r’n’b. What is certain is that this music stuck with my life, with my reality “, he confided to InRocks in 2018.

In his district of Banane, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, Moha La Squale has also been talked about for drug trafficking, which will have earned him a visit to the prison of Fleury-Mérogis. The rapper studied during Florent, before his notoriety exploded and his weight in French rap was counted in millions of views on YouTube.

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