Mohamed Ramadan celebrates the birthday of his daughter Haneen

Posted by the Egyptian artistMohamed RamadanA group of photos, collected by his daughter Hanin, on the occasion of her birthday, through his personal page on the social networking site.
Hanin appeared in a state of happiness in most of the photos, which were taken on several occasions.
Ramadan appeared in one of them, embracing and kissing Hanin, and commented: “September 25 is Hanin’s birthday, Muhammad Ramadan. Every year, you are my love and my first joy. Oh God, protect all of our children.”
Ramadan followers flooded with comments on the photos, wishing Hanin a year full of success, happiness and joy.
It is worth noting that Ramadan had recently contracted a new series within the upcoming Ramadan 2022 race, produced by Muhammad Al-Saadi, written by Muhammad Farid and directed by Muhammad Yassin.


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