mohanlal video call to rugmini amma

There are a lot of people waiting to see their favorite stars at a glance. We have seen the news of many people who have fulfilled that desire. One such video is now gaining attention on social media. Rukminiamma’s grandmother’s planet was fulfilled by Mohanlal.

Rukminiamma’s video of her crying saying she wants to see Mohanlal in person went viral on social media. After this, the actor spoke to his fan in a video call. Mohanlal started the conversation by saying what was the big cry. The actress told Rukminiamma about the limitations of seeing Nerikid as it was a rainy season and at the end of the call, she gave her mother a hug.

Rukminiamma’s video went viral on social media last day, crying that she wanted to see Mohanlal. Activists of the Mohanlal Fans Association have come forward to make this mother’s planet a reality.


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