Moivrons. The Moivrons Environnement association is mobilizing to conserve the wooded space of the Jury-Bois

Le Jury-Bois, this wooded area of ​​around ten hectares located between the Suez Jeandelaincourt landfill center, classified as Seveso high threshold, and the village of Moivrons, is at the center of an outbreak of controversy between the municipality and the mayor de Moivrons and the Moivrons Environnement association. The members of this association distributed in their municipality, but also in the surrounding villages, a leaflet entitled “Save the Jury-Bois”.

They embarked on this action because they suspect Stéphane Guillaume, the newly elected mayor of Moivrons, of wanting to sell all or part of this wood to the industrialist Suez RR IWS Minerals for an extension of his waste storage activity. “The mayor told us verbally,” say the members of Moivrons Environnement, met on the site this Saturday, January 9. “He wants to bring in money for the town. “

The municipal council will be consulted

For his part, the mayor on the phone denies any personal desire to sell this wood: “The Suez group has an extension project on its site”, explains the elected official. “But I have already declared that I was against the total sale of the Jury-Bois. For the rest, I intend to consult my municipal council on the idea of ​​a partial transfer of the plot. “

A perspective formally rejected by the members of the Moivrons Environnement association, supported by the town hall of Arraye-et-Han and by the Leyr Vert association. “We are calling for a consultation of the population, as was done in 2003 when the Sita, which operated the site at the time, had already wanted to buy the Jury-Bois to expand its activity. The inhabitants had rejected the sale by more than 80%. At the time, it was Stéphane Guillaume’s father who was mayor, he should take his example. “

On the industrial side, it is laconically declared that it is premature to mention a continuation of the activity, that is to say in other words an extension of the site. Premature, but not excluded, especially if the public authorities put forward a declaration of public utility … Then the leaves of the Jury-Bois could begin to tremble.

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