Entertainment Moka Efti Orchestra: The sound of "Babylon Berlin"

Moka Efti Orchestra: The sound of “Babylon Berlin”


The trio worked intensively with the attitude to life at that time Berlin apart. It was a very musical decade: the Charleston wave from the United States had thanks Josephine Baker also in Europe no stone left on the other. Jazz and swing revolutionized music. Based on this, songs were written for a big band, which then became part of the series.

“Right from the start it was about composing the music for scenes in which musicians can be seen. The big band in Moka Efti, the Berghain of the 1920s, the pianist in the smoky pub around the corner, or the combo in the transvestite bar, ”says Mario Kamienwho is part of the Viennese downbeat duo dZihan & Kamien made a name for himself in the 1990s in the KURIER interview.

After the first two seasons were broadcast, it was over for the time being. Tom Tykwer and his directing colleagues did without the services of the Moka Efti Orchestra for the third season, which is currently exclusively available on Sky and is located in the silent film milieu of the 1920s. “When we got an inquiry whether we were in Frankfurt wanted to play at a kind of art biennial, we reactivated the project to see if it could be done live at all. Since it worked great, we knew we wanted to continue, ”says Kamien,

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The enormous success of the series naturally worked like a can opener. Before it could really start, however, the combo, which had swollen to a 14-member ensemble, first had to clarify the legal issues with the production company.

“We got the agreement and made a deal that is fair for everyone. Both sides benefit from each other: we from the hype surrounding the series and the series from our music, our appearances. ”


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