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If something characterizes MOMA electric bicycles, it is that they are able to combine a very good relationship between price and concept, and also combine it with an image that undoubtedly captures the attention of potential buyers. In Híbridos y Eléctricos we have echoed the existence of the three most interesting models of MOMA, and we could not remain without seeing what the MOMA E-FAT Pro, for sale both in the web de MOMA like in Amazon, where it is the most radical electric bicycle of all those sold on the Spanish portal of the e-commerce giant.

By concept, the E-FAT PRO is at the head of the entire MOMA range in terms of off-road capacity, since in addition to a double suspension geometry, it takes a few balloon type tires that give it extra traction and ease on low-density terrain. This type of tire makes special sense if, for example, you repeatedly cross sandy areas or with snow or stones where a thinner tire would end up sinking.

The electrical scheme that becomes relevant in the E-FAT PRO is the same that we find in the entire range of MOMA electric bicycles. In it we find an electric motor of the wheel-hub type (located in the hub of the rear wheel), which is powered by a removable battery of 624 Wh capacity that takes 4 hours to fully charge.


As is the norm in Europe, the electric motor assists pedaling up to 25 kilometers per hour while the battery, if the assisted pedaling is not overused, provides a autonomy between 100 and 120 kilometers with a full charge.

In the cycle part, the binomial between tires and suspension take on special prominence, which will undoubtedly be the main reason for purchasing the E-FAT PRO. A 26-inch diameter, 4-inch wide CST tires it is combined with a front fork manufactured by RST with 75 millimeters of travel in the front, (of the central shock absorber the firm does not declare the travel).

Shimano is in charge of the transmission, giving the E-FAT Pro a 8V ALTUS and a Shimano SL-M315 lever. MOMA does not specify the author of the brakes either, but they seem sufficient to enjoy 180 millimeters of travel at the front and 160 at the rear, and they are hydraulically actuated.

All of the above is offered by MOMA Bikes for a price of 1,499 euros on its website, although on Amazon at the time of writing these lines it is available for 1,384.77 euros, providing a remarkable saving of more than one hundred euros according to the price that the same manufacturer offers.

fatbike moma


With all of the above, only a couple of aspects stand out against it. On the one hand Moma does not declare who he is author of the braking scheme or the electrical system, while on the other hand the double suspension geometry, its prominent wheels and the battery raise the total weight of the bicycle up to 30 kilos. It seems an understandable weight for its concept, but those looking for a bicycle to make trips in the city or long routes, better opt for a lighter model.


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