moments before man pushed his pregnant wife off a cliff

The images, which were released by the media Turkey almost 3 years ago, they were captured by a tourist in the Butterfly Valley, publishes the newspaper The Mirror.

The viral video shows the moments before Semra Aysal, who was about 7 months pregnant, fell from the cliff about 300 meters high and according to the Turkish prosecution pushed her her husband to collect a millionaire life insurance, remember the same medium.

The sequence shows Hakan Aysal holding his wife’s hand and walking towards the edge of the cliff. The tourist who recorded the video He claimed that he had seen the subject act strangely and predicted that one of the 2 would fall into the abyss, adds the British newspaper.

Now the prosecuting body and the police They dusted off this video to convince a judge that it was not an accident, as Aysal claims, and that it was a premeditated murder, señala The Mirror.

The prosecution even assures that the Turk sat for about 3 hours on the cliff and waited for the exact moment to be alone and commit the crime without anyone seeing ita.

Another of the tests against Aysal is that he bought life insurance on behalf of his wife months before the event and he was the sole beneficiary.

Hakan Aysal, who denies being responsible for the death of his wife and son, remains incarcerated in a correctional facility, while further investigations continue.

“My wife put the phone in her purse. Later he asked me to give it to him. I got up and then I heard her scream behind me. When I turned around, she wasn’t there. I didn’t throw it away, ”he defended himself at the time.

Video of the moments before a man pushed his pregnant wife off a cliff


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