Mon Laferte paints a mural in Chile about “the menstrual cycle” and the authorities evaluate to fine her for not having authorization

The Chilean artist based in Mexico was questioned by the Valparaíso Secretariat of Culture for having painted in a heritage protection zone.

The talented Chilean singer-songwriter Mon Laferte, based in Mexico, could be fined by the authorities of Valparaíso (Chile), because she painted a mural on the street without the permission of the municipality.

His work ‘Day one’ is about “the menstrual cycle“, according to the artist herself, and has caused controversy in the southern country, since it was painted in the Cerro Alegre sector, a tourist area of ​​the coastal city and protected for its heritage value.

“This mural is about our menstrual cycle, our moods in those days and the pain of guatita [estómago]. When I was little I would pass out from the pain, “said the winner of two Grammy Awards through her Twitter account.

Although the painting, made on the facade of a house in the Puerto neighborhood, was well received by the neighbors, it has not been well received by the Valparaíso authorities. The secretary of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of the region, Constance Harvey, questioned the work for not having authorization, and considered “quite individualistic and selfish“do it on a patrimonial sector.

“We must do a joint work with the neighbors and work on the knowledge and protection of the attributes that make the sector a Heritage site,” said the official in an interview with Radio Valparaiso. And he added: “In the port neighborhood we do not paint murals, but we recover facades with the artists.

After the controversy, the Council of National Monuments (CMN) confirmed that Mon Laferte did not have the relevant authorization to develop the mural, reported Tele 13. “We invited Mon Laferte to request the regularization of your mural, so that the issue can be discussed within the Council of National Monuments once the plenary sessions resume, which will happen on March 10th. ”

“Let’s talk about Francisco”

For her part, Laferte herself wanted to tone down the confrontation over the mural and recalled that Chile has “real problems to attend to“.

“Let’s talk about the arts in the streets. Let’s talk about Francisco”, said the singer in reference to Fracisco Martínez, the juggler who was murdered last week, after being shot by a policeman in the town of Panguipulli, Los Ríos region.

In November 2019, in the middle of the social explosion in Chile, Mon Laferte took advantage of the Latin Grammy Awards gala in Las Vegas (USA) to report the violence your country experiences through a message written on his bare chest.

“In Chile they torture, rape and kill,” could be read on the artist’s body, which she showed to the journalists and photographers gathered around the red carpet. He also wore a green scarf around his neck as a symbol of vindication of the legalization of abortion.

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