Monaco – SK Sturm Graz Live – Europa League – Season 2021/2022

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Yellow card (90th +4)

Ben Yedder again! (90th +2)

The Monegasque striker very close to worsening the score, but his strike was countered at the last moment.

Four minutes of added time

Ben Yedder well recovered (85th)

The Monegasque striker infiltrates the area but stumbles on the Austrian defense.

Change for Sturm Graz (78th)

Wuthrich gives way to Geyrhofer.

Monaco turns (77th)

The Monegasques are talking about their technique to keep the ball and keep the Austrians running.

Triple change for Sturm Graz (71st)

Prass, Jager et Niangbo remplacent Yeboah, Gazibegovic et Kiteishvili.

Maripan sur corner ! (70e)

On a corner well hit by Golovin, the Chilean throws himself in and is very close to pushing the ball into the net.

Buuuuuuuuuuut from Diatta! (1-0, 66th)

Kovac changes are chargeable. Golovin overflows and delivers a delicious ball stung for Diatta who perfectly cuts the trajectory and scores. ASM has undoubtedly done the hardest part.

Yellow card for Wuthrich (64th)

The defender is behind Fabregas.

Change for Sturm Graz (61st)

Sarkaria replaces Jantscher.

Change for Monaco (61st)

Finally, Ben Yedder comes in. He replaces Volland, once again disappointing.

Diatta tries his luck! (60th)

Alone, the Monegasque ally crocheted and tried his luck, but his strike, countered, passed over Austrian goals.

Monaco is not there (60th)

Despite the triple change made by Kovac, the start of the second half for the Monegasques was very difficult.

It’s hot on Nubel’s goals! (53rd)

On a well-struck corner, several players from Sturm Graz find themselves completely lonely. One of them tries an acrobatic recovery, but it is too crushed.

Resumption of Tchouaméni (48th)

On a free kick, a priori failed, the French international slams a recovery, but it is too crushed.

Here we go again ! (0-0, 45th)

Kovac wants to change things with a tripe change: Fabregas, Caio Henrique and Golovin replace Isidor, Jakobs and Gelson Martins.

It’s half time! The two teams leave back to back! (0-0, 45th)

At the end of the boredom, AS Monaco was held in check by a solid team from Sturm Graz. Kovac’s men had all the trouble in the world to get around the Austrian bloc. It was also the Sturm Graz players who got the best opportunity with this strike on Ljubic’s bar. ASM will have to show much more to avoid another setback.

One minute of additional time

Sturm Graz’s transverse! (43rd)

What strike from Ljubic, the middle tries a powerful strike which comes crashing on the bar of Nubel. Hot shot on the Rock.

Clumsy Volland (42nd)

Diatta sends a ball from the chest on Volland but the German, in great lack of confidence, misses his head completely.

A well grouped boulder (40th)

Sturm Graz is defending very well so far. The defensive block concocted by Ilzer is very solid.

Nothing to report (35th)

Not much is happening as the first half approaches the end. The Monegasques are struggling to get around the Austrian bloc.

Yellow card for Jakobs (31st)

Big sole of the Monegasque side, logically sanctioned.

Martins again! (30th)

The Portuguese connects the passing of the legs and tries a nice rolled shot which grazes the small net. It’s getting closer.

Gelson Martins close to scoring! (26th)

Very good pass from Volland who ideally launches Martins for a head-to-head, but the Portuguese stumbled on the opposing goalkeeper.

Aguilar shows up (25th)

The ASM side is very enterprising. He combines very well with Diatta and multiplies the centers which do not find a taker.

A match that does not get carried away (23rd)

Few opportunities to bite into this first period for the moment very dull.

Chouaméni very present (20th)

The Monegasque captain has been guiding the game very well since the start of the match. It is the real hub of AS Monaco.

Diatta who strikes! (16th)

Well served by Gelson Martins, Krépin Diatta unleashed an inside strike from the foot which largely missed. There was room to do better.

The relaunch of Nubel … (13th)

Once again, the German goalkeeper is clumsy at the foot and endangers his team.

Nice defense of Sturm Graz (11th)

The Austrians are positioned low on the pitch, but they are defending very well at the moment.

The Monegasques hold the ball (8th)

Not worried by their evening opponents, the ASM players can quietly unfold their game.

Wilson Isidor of the head! (4th)

Good cross from Diatta who finds the head of young Isidor, it passes just above the Austrian goals.

Monaco in legs (3rd)

Kovac’s men got off to a good start. They hold the ball perfectly.

Here we go ! (0-0, 1st)

Lithuanian referee Donatas Rumsas kicks off.

The hymn sounds!

Important absentees

Niko Kovac will have to do without several players for this match. Myron Boadu, Djibril Sidibé and Jean Harisson Marcelin are absent on the Monegasque side.

An easy match?

The Austrians of Sturm Graz appear to be the most affordable opponents in Group B, but be careful all the same, Monaco will have to be wary.

Very different dynamics

AS Monaco are on a total of four defeats in six games and remain on a failure against Olympique de Marseille. Conversely, Sturm Graz has just chained two consecutive victories.

A historically balanced poster

The two teams have met twice in their history, for one victory each. The most recent match was won by Sturm Graz on October 17, 2000 (2-0).

Good evening everyone!

Welcome to this live commentary for one of the posters of this first day of the Europa League 2021-22. This Thursday, AS Monaco will host Sturm Graz for their first match in this group B. Kick-off 21h00.


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