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“Monarch” and its second season recently hit Netflix. The series produced by Salma Hayek gave something to talk about with its new episodes. Since its premiere in 2019, “Monarch” It became one of the most successful Mexican series on Netflix based on the history of the Carranza family and each of the intrigues woven by its members to maintain their power.

The January 1 they premiered 8 new chapters of this Mexican series in Netflix, leaving fans wanting to follow the story of the Carranza family. In this second season, Brothers Carranza they come together despite their differences to face their cousin Sofia, who breaks into the company with the intention of dismantling it to avenge his father, Agustin Carranza.

For the vast majority of the audience this second season that was trained there was a lack of material and congruent arguments that would give a consistent ending without leaving so many loose ends for the “possible” third season that everyone expected.

However, despite the fact that the second season of Monarch left several questions that should be addressed in a third installment of the Mexican series, the series will not have continuity to provide the audience with a new season. Read on and find out the details.


The Carranza family. (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix has confirmed that the series “Monarch” it will not have a third season because it has been canceled. For many it was just a rumor but now it is confirmed that there will be no more chapters and it is for that reason that the Actors Osvaldo Benavides e Irene Azuela they said goodbye to their characters on social networks.

Apparently the cause of the cancellation of “Monarch” It is because in its second season it did not have the expected results due to production to continue the story since its continuation represents a greater expense for the company than what it can collect.

Osvaldo Benavides, plays Andrés Carranza who is one of the characters in “Monarch”. Seeing no news about his continuity, the actor said goodbye to his character and dedicated an emotional message to his interpretation on his social networks, an event that generated a great stir among fans.

Farewell Osvaldo Benavides from “Monarca” (Photo: Instagram)

“In the absence of news … I am saying goodbye to Andres Carranza. What a pleasant project. Thanks for everything ‘Monarca’ and all of us who were there. What pride to have participated. Come out bye “the actor wrote on his social network Instagram.

To this publication the actor Juan Manuel Bernal I comment: “How proud to have done it with all that wonderful crew! Nobody takes that away from me and the enormous satisfaction of giving the viewer a first-world product as we think all of Latin America deserved. I love you bro. Goodbye to the Carranza. I hug you”, he expressed.

On the other hand Irene Azuela commented on his social network instagram: “There are stories that end even if they don’t end. So #monarch that for me is unforgettable. A collaboration with people I admire, a set full of humor and respect, a loving cast and a first-rate crew … I am satisfied that we did a quality series to show off here and in other countries. Now we have to invent an ending, you who saw it and we who made it ” and then thank for the opportunity Salma Hayek and your team.

For the fans, this is a pretty hard blow because within everything there was the idea that with a third season the incongruous points that were on the air in the second season could be retaken but at least it is official and not just a rumor on the internet. cancellation.

Irene Azuela says goodbye to “Monarca” (Photo: Instagram)


30 thoughts on “Monarca will not have season 3: why Netflix canceled the Mexican series | Mexico | TV series nnda nnlt | FAME”

  1. Very disappointed that there was no closure!
    Why signed to create a series if it a closure for the fans is not included. What happened #Selma @selmahayec?

    • How dissapointed am I about Netflix canceling Monarca. It makes no sense to leave people hanging and not giving closure to its fans.

    • Honestly what is left to say? They have run out of. Sins to commit? Rape, murder, betrayal to family friends employees? Adultry…. Oh I know basically kill off everyone in season3? And you forgot incest.. this show could have had so potential and literally killed it I’m very sad

  2. Why is the reason for Monarca’s cancelation a “money problem with production” when the show was in the Top 10 & viewed by so many on Netflix???

  3. Why no more Monarca but you keep giving us these cheap trashy movies. Fabricating stories about top #10 we all loved it.

    • Exactly! Netflix has so much crap that they keep renewing, but a decent series they get rid without a wrap up! So many others you could’ve canned! Dropped the ball on this one to Netflix! Yo Prime pick it up!

  4. Monarca to me is second none out the tens of Netflix shows I have watched. Is about the profits Netflix seeks or getting clients hooked by satisfying them,

  5. I watched Monarca bewitched. I just had a friend finish seeing all episodes. He couldn’t believe the cliffhanger. I told hm I would check for the season 3 start – there is no way I am going to tell him there isn’t going to be one. You have to finish it off all the loose ends. Selma Hayek give the production to someone else – we do’t have to see it on Netflix but there has to be an ending. Finish it off so there doesn’t have to be a season 4 – but finish it.

    • I agree. I wish more consideration was given to the fans. We are drawn into the storylines of some really great shows. And they just cancel them without giving us closure. Cancel if they must but just give us a last season for closure. Show some gratitude for the fans.

  6. Here we go again Netflix get you hook and leave us hanging. Im really thinking about canceling Netflix because every show I like get canceled after the first or second season. Always canceling the good ones!!!!!!????????????

    • So disappointed Monarca has been canceled. It was a great story, but has left too many unanswered questions. It needs at least another six episodes. I wish Netflix would reconsider.

  7. Unbelievable, How can such a quality production be cancelled.For gods sake
    Netflix…a conclusion at least.One more series.One of the best shows i’ve seen on Netflix.

  8. I totally agree with all of the above comments its so unprofessional to have your views get hooked and a series and not all them to have closure on that show. Very unprofessional to say the least

    I hope someone else picks up season # 3

    • Very very disappointed….this series should not be cancelled ..Netflix , more than doubled the subscription with me…then it does this…this is not the first time Netflix has cancelled series ..wondering if they will do again..maybe it’s not worth it to get involve with any new series..

  9. Yes, very sad to see the show go. Also I have to say the translation for this show was excellent! Great job. I have seen other shows where they do the translation and it doesn’t even come close to what they are saying. I was very impressed but again very disappointed and sad to see the show go.

  10. This is totally absurd. First they advertise the show as one of the most popular and then they cancel leave it up in the air and cancel season 3? They are the absolute worst. Looking for a better provider.


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