Mongolia: China limits native language teaching

Protest against China in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator
Image: AFP

So far, Inner Mongolia has been a peaceful corner of the People’s Republic of China. Beijing’s new language policy could put an end to peace. The ideologues smell “separatism”.

Dhe northeast Chinese city of Chifeng issued an ultimatum to all city employees on Friday: If their children did not show up at school by four in the afternoon, the parents would be suspended from their work and subject to an investigation by the dreaded Disciplinary Commission. This is just one of the many punitive measures the authorities in Inner Mongolia are currently taking against a wave of protests.

Thousands of Mongolian parents and students took to the streets in the past few days against a new language policy and boycotted the start of the school year. The reason: The Mongolian language is to play a smaller role in school lessons in the future.


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