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Vlogger Monica Geuze and actor Huub Stapel, among others, participate in the sixteenth season of The smartest person. The quiz, led by Philip Freriks, starts on Monday July 13.

Also comedian and presenter Jörgen Raymann, newsreader Astrid Kersseboom, singer Francis van Broekhuizen, Gates C -actress Maike Meijer, football commentator Jeroen Grueter and cook and actor Hugo Kennis are candidates in the sixteenth series of the daily knowledge quiz at KRO-NCRV. Maarten van Rossem is once again present as a jury.

In May the recording of The smartest person because of the corona crisis without an audience. The program thus complied with the safety regulations of RIVM.

The smartest person had its first broadcast in 2012. In February, 1.7 million television viewers saw how RTL Newsreporter Marieke van de Zilver won the final of the fifteenth series.



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