Monkeypox: cases grow 33% in one week; add up to 1,051 in Mexico

Written in NATIONAL the 13/9/2022 · 15:00 hs

In the last week cases of seismic smallpox in the country increased 33 percentfor this Tuesday, 1,510 infected people are notified, and no deaths are reported, reported the Ministry of Health (SSa).

According to the agency, most of those infected are between 20 and 30 years of age with 501; in those under 20 years of age it is distributed as follows:

“Of those under 20 years of age, 4 are 19 years old, 3 are 18 years old, 1 is 17 years old, 1 is 15 years old, 1 is 9 years old and 1 is 3 years old,” explains the Ministry of Health.

In its weekly technical report, the health authority pointed out that until September 12, 2,188 suspected cases of monkeypox were reported, of which 1,51 are confirmed, 351 under study and 786 were ruled out.

In 30 of the 32 entities of the country there are cases of monkeypox

The infections in the last week are slightly lower than the 284 documented last week. In addition, the number of states that have reported cases rose from 28 to 30.

According to the report, 98 percent of those infected have been men and 47.7 percent of infections correspond to people between 30 and 39 years old.

Since the first case in the country, detected on May 28, Mexico City is the most affected entity, with 606 confirmed positive cases, followed by Jalisco with 156, State of Mexico with 79, Yucatán with 59 and Quintana Roo with 28.

At the end of July, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, denied that this disease would spread “widely in the country”, despite the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a maximum alert for the increase in cases of monkeypox in the world.

According to the WHO, to date there have been more than 54,700 cases of this disease in 102 countries, as well as 18 deaths. _With information from Andrea Meraz and EFE.

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