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Monotaro handles a wide variety of products, mainly for commercial use. There are also goods that can be used without contact, assuming use by a large number of people. “Non-contact timer” is one of them. This product is a timer that can be started, paused, and stopped without touching the main unit. Let’s actually use it and check its functionality as a timer and non-contact operability.

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Non-contact type “non-contact timer” (monotaro) that is hygienic

Due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, we decided to update the items in our home to be hygienic. So I chose Monotaro’s “non-contact timer” (1969 yen / tax included).

The white-based color gives a clean feeling, so this product is perfect for placing in the kitchen. The surface of the timer, including the liquid crystal and buttons, is almost flat, so even if it gets dirty, it can be wiped off quickly. The size is about 103 (width) x 61 (depth) x 22mm (height), which fits in the palm of your hand. Not only in the kitchen, but also placed on the desk will not be a hindrance.

There is a magnet on the back, so it can be attached to a refrigerator, etc., but it was also possible to stand it up and make it a stationary type. There is also a hole for hanging on the top, so there are 3 installation methods in total. It’s convenient to be able to use them according to the situation. With the stand raised, you can use it by inserting 3 AAA batteries into the battery pocket on the back.

I actually used it, but although I needed to press the button with my finger to set the minute and second, I could operate the start and stop just by holding my hand over it. The buttons are responsive, and there is no problem with just touching them when you press them. Even if your hands get dirty after the count has started, you can pause or stop without touching the main unit.

Another nice point is that the sensor and button operation can be locked so that the sensor does not malfunction. The sensor itself is on the right side of the LCD and is hidden from view.

The number display on the LCD is large and easy to see even from a distance. The alarm sound was at a level that could be heard even if it was some distance away from the timer.

On the Internet, there are voices such as “It’s useful when cooking” and “It’s perfect for managing children’s game time!”, and there are various scenes where it is used. Why don’t you try managing your time hygienically with Monotaro’s “non-contact timer”?

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