Monreal plans to deliver this week an initiative to regulate social networks

It could be this week, after holding meetings with executives from Twitter Y Facebook, that the senator Ricardo Monreal present your reform initiative to the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law for regulate social media.

At a press conference, the coordinator of Brunette in the Senate of the Republic advanced that the modifications proposed seek to protect the Right to information Yet the freedom of expression of users of social networks.

“It is not censuring, it is not eliminating, it is not obstructing the right to free expression of ideas; but on the contrary, protect it and that it is not a private entity, no matter how powerful it may be, no matter how wealthy it is in economic matters, which decides which people and what content to delete from its network, because they all connect to public networks, which it’s the internet and cyberspace, ”he said.

He said that the legal reforms will be based on the fact that companies such as Facebook and Twitter use public networks owned by the nation to offer their services; the regulation will seek that these are seen as a public service based on the right to information, to free expression and expression of ideas.

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He stressed that in addition to gathering information and opinions from the representatives of Facebook and Twitter in Mexico, he will also send the document to the commissioners of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) to incorporate their views into the final draft.

“I hope to formalize it in the next two or three days, to receive your opinion and before presenting it formally, I want the opinion of Face, Twitter, the networks: Instagram, all networks, including the Autonomous Body of the IFT, of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications; and I am also going to send a copy to the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, for the opinion of the Federal Government on such an initiative, ”he said.

He said that the purpose of the initiative will be to protect users from interpretations, abuses or discretionary opinions of the companies that own social networks that hinder and undermine the right of expression and freedom of users.

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“It is not to censor, it is not to hinder. I even go to comparative law studies, where (various countries) are already regulating it and where the debate is currently alive and surely there will be no way to stop, the debate on networks is inevitable ”.

Segob analyzes possible regulation of social networks

Olga Sanchez Cordero, head of the Interior (Segob), reported that the agency under his charge, through the Media Regulations Unit, began the analysis for a possible regulation of social networks and their companies, this, after Twitter suspended multiple accounts, some of them related to Q4.

At a press conference the retired minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) assured that the right to freedom of expression will be respected, but, he pointed out, the rights of third parties will also be defended, “because no human right is absolute.”

From the National Palace, Sánchez Cordero indicated that the Government seeks to know the international experience in the regulation of this type of companies.

“We already have a team of collaborators in the Media Unit, with Roberto Duque to advance at least some kind of reflections, and above all to analyze the global context of the regulation or not of social networks, which countries have advanced, which countries they have a regulation, do a comparative study of various rights, a comparative right to know exactly how they are being regulated in other countries and how we can or cannot advance in some type, he stressed, how we can advance in some type of regulation, “he said.



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