Monster Hunter Rise announced for Switch, a new installment of Capcom’s hit saga

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Rise, a new installment of his successful saga of hunting giant monsters that will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch the next March 26, 2021. As you can imagine, in this new adventure we will have to face dangerous and lethal creatures to overcome all kinds of missions while we collect materials to make new and better pieces of equipment.

Un Monster Hunter exclusivo de Nintendo Switch

To celebrate, the company has distributed its first trailer, where we can take a look at many of the novelties to bring with it, such as the new beasts that will stand in our way, the possibility of riding on the back of a species of wolves called “comrades Canyne“, a much higher mobility by having a new tool called cable bug that helps us to propel us to distant or high places and stages considerably larger than usual.

Of course, new movements, actions and techniques have also been added that will allow us to take advantage of the great mobility that we will now have not only to move around the map, but also to fight. Speaking of the map, It has been confirmed that now hunting areas will not be divided into regions by loading screens, so in this sense the line of what was seen in Monster Hunter World.

Needless to say, as good Monster Hunter What is it, the experience can be enjoyed cooperatively for up to four players, either locally with several consoles or through the internet. Similarly, if we play alone we can request the help of Felyne comrades to assist us in battle.

New and old acquaintances

In regards to the monsters we will have to hunt, it has been confirmed that many of the fan favorites will return and completely new ones will be added, such as the Magnamalo (which will be the flagship creature of this installment), the Aknosom (a bird wyvern that usually stands on one leg), the Great Izuchi (another bird Wyvern that usually leads groups of small Izuchi) or the Tetranadon (an amphibian with very bad fleas that swallows anything to become heavier and more dangerous.

The Mystery of the Frenzy

As is usual in the saga, the story of the game revolving around a village, Kamura, although there will also be something known as the Frenes, a new feature that will be very important at the plot and playable level and more details will be given in the future.

Two editions, pre-orders and amiibo figures

The title It will be sold in two different editions, the normal one with just the game and a Deluxe one with various downloadable content, including superimposed armor for our hunter, four gestures, various poses, a special hairstyle and a Kabuki face painting.

In addition, there will be some extras for reserving itincluding layered armor for our comrades Canyne and Felyne, and will go on sale three new amiibo figures dedicated to the game: one from a comrade Canyne, another from a comrade Felyne and another from the Magnamalo, one of the new monsters that we will have to take down.

Finally, it has also been announced that be compatible with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of RuinAlthough it has not been detailed what the compatibility between the two games will consist of, so we will have to wait a little longer to have all the details about this curious function.


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