Monster Hunter Rise to receive “monstrous” expansion: Sunbreak

The new hunting season will be open in summer 2022

Released last spring exclusively on Switch and after a lot of free content updates, Capcom takes advantage of the latest Nintendo Direct to announce Sunbreak, a paid content extension for Monster Hunter: Rise scheduled for summer 2022.

Capcom does not yet have its content, but like Iceborne pour Monster Hunter: World, Sunbreak should bring a new scenario, new quests, new regions and, of course, new monsters (and the gear that goes with it). Enough to renew experience and interest from the famous monster hunting game.

Seen early announcement extension which comes out in almost a year, Capcom will have plenty of time to provide details In the coming months. In any case, we are still waiting for news from PC version who should disembark in spring 2022, after a year of Switch exclusivity, while we have no news of a possible release on the other consoles.

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