Monster Hunter Rise Trailer: Calamity Comes On Nintendo Switch

Trailer Monster Hunter Rise: Calamity Comes on Nintendo Switch

Scheduled for March 26, 2021 on Switch, Monster Hunter Rise was logically present during the Nintendo Direct broadcast last night with a brand new trailer. The opportunity to discover new places and monsters, and to learn more about “the Calamity” which threatens the village of Kamura.

After showing the Forgotten Temple, the Flooded Forest and the Ice Archipelago, Capcom reveals the Sand Plains and Lava Caverns areas here. We will meet two completely new monsters there: the arachnid Rakna-Kadaki and the Almudron, which uses mud to attack and defend itself. Concerning the monsters from previous opus, we will find the Basarios, the Volvidon, the Diablos and the Rajang. As a reminder, the list of monsters Monster Hunter Rise unveiled so far is available here.

The second part of the trailer looks at the Calamity quests. It will thus be a question of defending the village of Kamura against the invasion of hordes of monsters using the usual weapons, the new mechanic Wyvern Ride, but also the hunting machines placed in the area (cannons, ballistae …). A new category of so-called “superior” monsters will be introduced, like the Arzuros presented in this trailer. Capcom does not say more for the moment.

Monster Hunter Rise will be available on Nintendo Switch from March 26th.

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