Monster Hunter World has sold more than 20 million

Capcom just announced that Monster Hunter World has already reached 20 million copies sold, three and a half years after its release in 2018. This goal has been achieved taking into account the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition and takes into account sales around the world.

The intention of Capcom with Monster Hunter World was to bring the franchise to a global market, which is why was released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. On the other hand, Capcom also released Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch, so we could see two lines of games in the future, since both have been successful.

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Monster Hunter World had a very successful launch in 2018, as being the first simultaneous international launch, it became the best-selling game of Capcom in just one month. The 20 million copies sold are a record for Capcom, so the company is committed to keeping fans of this series satisfied, according to its official statement.

Although Monster Hunter Rise para Nintendo Switch arrived in March of this year, already has managed to sell all 7.5 million copies taking into account sales until September 24. Monster Hunter Rise is also coming to Steam on PC and it is now possible to play a free demo, although Capcom confirmed that it would have no cross-progress between this version and the Nintendo Switch version.

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The plan of Capcom is to support the games of the series through DLC Premium. In the case of Monster Hunter World, the Premium DLC was the expansion of Iceborn, while With Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch the expansion will be Sunbreak, announced last month.


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