Montero will prioritize the law of violence to suppress sexual abuse of the Criminal Code and that “only if it is yes”

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The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, has assured that she will prioritize the approval of one of sexual freedoms that ends the distinction between abuse and rape. The main objective of this measure is that the victim’s consent is at the center of the criminalization of sexual crimes and that “only yes is yes”.

“I have to work it in the Council of Ministers, but I will give high priority to sexual violence and sexual freedom,” he said in an interview in La Sexta. Montero has claimed the existence of a Ministry exclusively dedicated to Equality, while saying that this portfolio and the Government have “markedly feminist will.”

The minister has defended the need for the legal system to recognize that sexist violence is not only that which takes place in the sphere of the couple and ex-partner, as established by current legislation in Spain, although the transposition of the Convention is pending from Istanbul, which broadens the concept of sexual assault, trafficking for slavery, forced marriage or female genital mutilation, among others.

Montero has lamented the “questioning” of the existence of violence against women for the mere fact of being so by the extreme right of Vox, while claiming feminism and the struggle for equality. “Men also live better in a feminist society,” he said.

On the other hand, asked about the parental consent that children under 16 and 17 need to abort, Montero has asserted that the abortion law of 2010 is the “reference” of the PSOE and United Podemos coalition government. The obligation of parental consent was introduced in a modification of said law in 2015.

«I am abolitionist»
Regarding prostitution, Montero has declared himself “abolitionist”, but has said that as Minister of Equality he must have “prudence and restraint” in this matter that so much debate raises in the feminist movement itself. “This is a long-running debate, but I believe that all feminists agree that the fight against human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is decisive,” he said.

It is precisely this fight that is contemplated in the program agreed between PSOE and United We can. In addition, in Montero’s opinion, if the objective is to abolish prostitution, the way to do so is the fight against trafficking. «I think that as Minister of Equality I have more facts than words. It does not help me to declare myself abolitionist if you are not able to take actions that will fight against trafficking, ”he argued.

On the other hand, he has downplayed the “unnecessary controversy” formed around his absence this Thursday in a conference on gender violence, which has been attended by Queen Letizia and the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. As he explained, the act was closed when the Government was still in office and “when the Ministry of Equality did not exist,” although he added that she “had been delighted.”

There are no senior men in equality
Also, Montero has referred to the controversy raised by the fact of not having appointed men in the high offices of the Ministry. The minister has admitted that there are no men in her apartment, but she has downplayed it. «I think that nothing happens either because the most competent people in the Ministry of Equality are women. It is a subject to which women have traditionally spent more time thinking, ”he said, also defending that men“ have a key role ”in the struggle for equality.

Regarding the resignation of Alba González as a possible general director of equal treatment and ethnic-racial diversity, Montero has said that she was his proposal, but she herself decided to “take a step back” to the possibility of causing unease among some groups. “He is very honored by that decision, it is wise to rectify,” he stressed. .


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