Monterrey with plans to snatch Club América its first reinforcement

Although the chances that The Eagles of America add reinforcements for the next tournament Closing 2021 are few, more than one name has already begun to sound in the creamy blue orbit, being Mauro Lainez the main candidate, after he openly stated his desire to wear yellow and blue.

Foto: Getty Images

However, it seems that Monterrey will do everything possible to prevent said movement, because according to information from the newspaper RECORD those from the north would have already talked with the eldest of the Lainez, who would not frown upon becoming Rayado.

As detailed in the information the player of Just He would agree to play with Monterrey, due to his plan to jump to one of the most important teams in the league, in addition to having family in the northern city.

We will have to wait until the current tournament ends to see if our team has a real interest in Mauro and thus join the fight to bring him to Coapa.

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