Monthly rental, coworking … the great resourcefulness of hoteliers in the face of the health crisis

In front of the quilted headboard in caramel imitation leather, no more mattresses or pillows. A clean desk and chair have replaced the queen-size bed. Since December, the Residence Europe hotel has decided to convert two floors of rooms into offices for rent. Like many establishments, this 3-star hotel in Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine) is facing a drastic drop in its turnover: -70% in 2020. In January, one in four rooms on average has been busy.

“We have already converted five rooms into offices, the others will be as and when requested”, presents Laurence Mouchet, who bought with her husband Laurent in 1987 this beautiful hotel at the turn of the century. Office rental price: 950 euros excluding tax per month, 80 euros per day. “We can also rent by the week and I am considering a duo offer, which would add access to the swimming pool”, continues Laurence Mouchet. In addition to the private bathroom and toilet in the old room, the hotel provides remote workers with a dining room with tea and coffee, a lounge area and a shaded courtyard with garden furniture and tables. in wood.

Hotel rooms have been converted into offices./LP/ Philippe Lavieille

In this month of February, only two offices are rented. “It’s not much, but these rooms would have been empty anyway,” says Laurence Mouchet. Before setting up these places, the Hotel Residence Europe already offered business customers several seminar rooms and a large coworking space, which can also host festive events on request.

After having renovated all parts of the hotel one by one, the owners are also preparing to launch a spa activity in the spring. “We are looking to the future because tourists will not come back immediately and the local clientele is not enough to fill,” says Laurence Mouchet.

A month in a 4-star Parisian at 900 euros

Honotel also tried to rent office and coworking space in its establishments. But it was ultimately towards monthly rentals that the group decided to turn to its Happyculture establishments.

Called “Homppy”, this offer allows you to stay for one month in a 4-star hotel in Paris for 900 euros or in Lyon for 690 euros. “We have chosen to reopen all our hotels and to adapt because we do not know the end date of this crisis,” says Hélène Gauthier, the group’s co-CEO.

Experimentally launched in May, the Homppy offer was so successful that it was extended to twenty hotels out of thirty-eight in September. Based on the price of a studio in the same city, the Homppy offer appeals to internship students, those who have left their room all year round because of distance learning courses, young workers, but also CDD professionals. or on mission, families who have suffered a disaster, are doing work or are between two moves.

“Rooms that are worth 110 or 120 euros per night rented at 30 euros”

Where it is offered, monthly rentals alone represent half of the 60% occupancy rate. “We don’t ask for a guarantor, just a deposit of 300 euros,” explains Gaëtan Le Pogam, partner and marketing director of Honotel. And the flexibility is extreme: customers have until the day before to extend for a month. The hotels, in the city center, are all the more attractive because they save all the costs inherent in the traditional rental of an apartment.

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Given its success, could the Homppy offer still gain momentum at Honotel in the future? “For us, this offer is not profitable: rooms that are worth 110 or 120 euros per night are rented at 30 euros, calculates Hélène Gauthier. But it allows us to maintain a minimum of turnover, to cover fixed costs and to remain open for the rest of our customers. “

In 2020, over six months from July to December, Homppy generated 50,000 overnight stays for 2 million euros in turnover. The ambition for 2021 is to reach 8 million euros.

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