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[EpochTimesMay292021]A few days ago, a job advertisement published by a housekeeping company in Shanghai sparked heated discussion: oneTsinghuaGraduated girls apply forBabysitter, The monthly salary requirement is 35,000 yuan (RMB, the same below).

This popular online advertisement shows that the job seeker is named Li Jing, 29 years old this year, 160 cm tall and 50 kg in weight.She ownsTsinghuaBachelor degree, speak Mandarin and English.

In terms of work experience, she worked as an “assistant” in a family in Shanghai’s high-end residential area “Tomson Yipin”, taking care of a 1-year-old child; later, she worked as a “housekeeper” for a family of three in “Jiujiantang”, another luxury residential area in Shanghai. “.

The advertisement also attached Li Jingqing’s ID photo, and stated that she cooked the food and tasted light.

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The housekeeping company told the Southern Metropolis Daily of Lu media on the 28th that “the name is a pseudonym and the education is true” on the resume. It also stated that about 20% of the housekeeping service staff of the company graduated from a world-renowned university or obtained a bachelor’s degree or above. “There are many high-end talents like Tsinghua University and Liverpool University.”

As you can see on the company’s “Little Red Book” page, girls graduated from Tsinghua University are indeed not alone. There are many home economics with higher education, such as Peking University, Zhejiang University, and Royal Holloway University of London.

The interviewed staff said that in the domestic service industry, high-level talents are mainly engaged in the work of tutors or housekeepers.Among them, the tutor is responsible for tutoring the children in all subjects, and the “housekeeper” Li Jing applied for is not in the traditional impression of the public.BabysitterInstead, they coordinate and arrange housework, “including the recruitment of babysitters and the preparation of banquets at home. Basically, they don’t do housework.”

The staff member also stated that the monthly salary for this kind of housekeeping work is between 15,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan. A domestic worker with a degree similar to Li Jing “before there was an annual salary of 600,000 yuan”, and Li Jing himself “almost 30 thousand yuan per year.” 10,000 to 400,000″.

Mainland netizens have different opinions about Tsinghua’s top students applying to be nanny. Some people say that “a waste of academic qualifications”, “a depreciation of academic qualifications, the gaps in class leaping are getting smaller and smaller”, and “it’s just involution.”

Some people also say, “It’s not good to sell pork after Tsinghua University, and it’s not good to do housekeeping?” “There is no distinction between high and low occupations, and all walks of life are elites.”

There are people targetingHigh salaryShui said, “A lot of money is the kingly way”, “Give me 50w (ten thousand) a year to sweep the streets,” and “Going out to work is to make money!”

However, some netizens retorted, “Although the job must be freely chosen by oneself, Qingbei (Tsinghua University, Peking University) has a better platform and resources than ordinary universities. I think there should be a kind of national responsibility. If the best university One of the students only works for money, so where is the hope of our country and nation?”

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