Montilla is committed to “seeking ways of understanding” between PSC and ERC

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Barcelona, ​​Feb 15 (EFE) .- The former socialist president of the Generalitat José Montilla has opted this Monday to “seek ways of understanding” between PSC and ERC, given that the former have won the elections and the latter lead the independence bloc: ” It is an opportunity that we should not miss, “he says.

Montilla, who led a tripartite with ERC and ICV-EUiA (now within the commons) between 2006 and 2010, defends in an article published on his website that there are alternatives to a new independence government in Catalonia.

“In the previous elections, the main leaderships fell on Junts and Ciudadanos. Now, on the other hand, on the PSC and ERC. The political formations that have defended that an agreement is needed to overcome the blockade and that this agreement should be the The result of a dialogue between different people, they are the ones that obtain the most electoral support, “he stated.

And it is before this reality that he asks ERC to remain in defense of dialogue and not to succumb to the “maximalist” strategy of Junts, which would lead to the reissue of a model that has led Catalonia to the “greatest failure of its self-government” .

“It is true that ERC’s victory over its competitor (Junts) is so narrow that one can doubt their ability to maneuver to define a political line with sufficient autonomy. I hope they know how to take advantage of these results and that they do not fall back on the seduction of the siren songs that will reach them from Waterloo “, added Montilla in reference to the Belgian city where the former president Carles Puigdemont is on the run from justice.

And he warned: “We cannot forget what is in front of us: a country devastated by a pandemic that we have not yet overcome, with a very serious economic situation and many internal fractures. We cannot divert the focus: this is what is really important.”

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