Montreal Alouettes’ Rising Stars: Israel Antwine and Quartney Davis

2023-06-03 11:00:00

MONTREAL – Watching Israel Antwine and Quartney Davis stand out in the two preseason games, one would think that the Montreal Alouettes made two very interesting finds.

One thing is certain, Antwine seems to have already won his job with the Alouettes. For once, head coach Jason Maas escaped in a press briefing.

“He had a good camp, he will be a player we can count on all year round. It’s very exciting for him,” Maas said after the game.

So does this confirm that he won his audition? “Maybe,” Maas replied with a smile.

The opposite would have been silly. After a convincing outing last week, Antwine wasted no time in winning on Friday night at Stade Percival-Molson. Author of two quarterback sacks, the defensive lineman was proud of his performance.

“I’m thrilled with my performance, I said I was going to leave a good impression. […] I find that I have shown what I can accomplish thanks to my speed and my explosiveness”, commented Antwine who displays a refreshing personality.

Based on what he has exposed, we deduce that the 23-year-old athlete will cause problems for several opponents this season. Antwine was right to want to celebrate his two strokes of brilliance.

“I was very excited, it was mission accomplished for me. I’m glad I had this opportunity,” noted the Oklahoma State alum.

“I’m focused, but I’m becoming a beast. No one can stop me or move me. I’m like a juggernaut, that’s how I played! “, Chained the colossus of six feet three inches and 309 pounds.

The one who belonged to the Jacksonville Jaguars shows a quick adaptation to Canadian football.

Still, it’s not easy to stand out when a hundred players are gathered at a training camp. If Antwine stands out on defense, receiver Quartney Davis manages to attract attention on offense.

For the second game in a row, he scored a touchdown. Not to mention a catch on which the new number 87 gave the impression that he could draw inspiration from Eugene Lewis, the former 87 of the Birds.

“I’m really grateful for this opportunity. The coaches had prepared a good plan and I suspected that the ball would come towards me a few times for me to make plays. We’ll see what happens on Saturday,” Davis said, referring to cut-out day.

“It’s never enough, but I think I’ve been consistent. Hopefully that’s enough to carve out a spot for me with the team and catch some assists this season,” he added.

While he was able to adapt to the nuances of Canadian football, Davis discovered the peculiarities of the Quebec climate. The morning heat wave had turned into a strong, cold wind in the evening.

“I’m from the south so this is new to me. But it’s really fun, I really like Canada so far. The only difference on the pitch is that it happens really fast. You have two tries and the special teams are on board. I have to get used to it,” he said.

Davis, who was able to try his luck with the Vikings and Colts, ended his interview with a few reporters by saying a sympathetic ” Love you all ».

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