Montreal firefighters want to be vaccinated

The Montreal Firefighters Association demands that its members be vaccinated as quickly as possible. She fears COVID-19 will wreak havoc in barracks.

Contrary to what one might think, the majority of the interventions of some 2,400 firefighters are not to extinguish fires.

In fact, 75% of the interventions are more of a medical nature as first responders. In 2019, Montreal firefighters carried out 85,000 medical interventions.

When firefighters have to step in, they don’t know if those involved have COVID-19.

Paramedics have already started receiving vaccines, but nothing has yet been established for firefighters.

“When we have people who respond to the same medical emergencies on the territory of Montreal, it is inconceivable that we do not vaccinate them at the same time,” laments Chris Ross, president of the Association des pompiers de Montréal.

So far, 88 firefighters have been infected and 400 of their colleagues have had to be placed in administrative segregation. Four barracks were hit.

“If there are no firefighters, there is no one to put out the fires. It is important for essential workers at our level where there is no plan B that we are vaccinated, that we are protected, ”adds Mr. Ross.

The City of Montreal has not yet answered questions from TVA Nouvelles.


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