Moon channel on “YouTube” and the wrongdoing of the man

The channel contains comments on cultural products such as the movie Fight Club (Ron Galella/Getty)

At first glance, do not notice Moon . channel which was founded onThe YouTubeThe year 2020 is interesting, as its slogan is inspired by the movie “Journey to the Moon” (1902) by French Georges Mehlis. The video images in it are closer to those we see when we slip into the hole of “YouTube” to find ourselves in front of conspiracy theories (maybe this is the only way to reach the moon) But the channel, which has more than 400,000 followers, is more dangerous, as it defines itself as providing a political commentary, and this is what we see when we watch videos interspersed with advertisements uttered by the same presenter, who is trying to reveal the truth about what is going on in the world and point out what the media are trying to plunge into darkness. .

We do not know the name of the presenter and the creator of the videos, especially since he always talks about his enmity with “YouTube” itself, which deletes some of his videos because they contain facts and hidden comments from the audience. But, what is he talking about? It can simply be said that capitalism, AndSocial media YouTube andFacebook Twitter andNetflix Amazon, identity politics, the rich, everything that exists necessarily belongs to the realm of “evil”. These companies and personalities are not what we think they are, because their hidden goal is to take our money and manipulate our minds. There is nothing new in this, but what is interesting is that there are videos about specific films such as Fight club, Truman Show, and others. These cultural products differ from others in that they present ‘truth’.

The rhetoric of sensational videos and “facts” and numbers that we don’t know are true is this: The shape of the current world, first of all, threatens freedom of expression (this is also an undeniable affair), social media platforms practice censorship, threaten the freedom of foolishness, naivety and cursing, but why not These strategies? Who are you targeting? There is no need to watch all the videos, one of them is enough to know the target group: men.

What is interesting about the channel and its videos is the shallow rhetorical effort made to point out the tragedy of the masculine, passionate men, searching for the caveman within them, who, because of the current world’s shape and morals, have been turned into pets. They are deprived of real relationships and drowned in front of their screens, and the reason is, of course, the absence of freedom of expression. This result is not a direct result when we watch the videos for the first time, but rather the result of overlapping strategies, and here the caution appears. The commentator does not refer to who makes these plans. Are they the feminists? Freemasons? Big business owners? we do not know. It is left to us to discover it, and here the new masculinity games appear, playing the role of the victim by adopting the tools of cultural and political criticism directed at capitalism and the culture of consumption.

We mentioned that the channel contains comments on cultural products such as Fight Club, The Truman Show and American Psycho, and there is also the series Breaking Bad. We discover when we watch her videos that the commentator is recovering from porn addiction, and that all these films and series talk about frustrated men, trying to “break” their world and take the initiative and master themselves. But the strange thing is that from the point of view of the commentator, it presents models that should be celebrated now, especially since men are now pathetic, and they must be rescued, they are prisoners of screens, more precisely, prisoners of video games and pornographic videos, that is, in a way, men have lost their manhood because of the shape of the current world, They are victims, paradoxically because they are unable to express themselves.

It is not strange, then, when all the videos in the channel ignore the presence of women, not because the channel is directed at men, but rather due to the absence of any concept of equality or freedom of expression with regard to women, who, as we understand from the channel, exploited social media, not to form pressure groups, express themselves, or expose themselves. Injustice inflicted on them, but rather to produce pornographic content aimed at dominating and excluding men.

This popular discourse presented by the channel finds in the criticisms directed at identity politics, and its relationship with freedom of expression and concepts of accusation and justice, as a means to spread its poison and its generalizing concepts, reconstructing concepts through different examples of those serious, to see ourselves in front of videos of conspiracy theory, benefiting from serious efforts, It tries to re-present them as signs of the collapse of the world, and the reason is that men have lost their masculinity, so simply without any understanding of the nature of the changes that the times are going through.

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